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I believe everyone is familiar with everyone. How much do you know about the inflatable sofa bed? What exactly is an inflatable sofa bed? Xiaobian has compiled some introductions about inflatable sofa beds. Interested friends should not miss the following editors. Introduction.

What is an inflatable sofa bed

The inflatable sofa generally uses a universal inflatable product PVC as the raw material, which makes the gas enter the sofa by pressing pressure. It also gets rid of the bulky of traditional furniture, and it can be placed at will indoor and outdoor.

什么是充气沙发床 充气沙发床报价


什么是充气沙发床 充气沙发床报价

① The inflatable sofa is convenient to carry, get rid of the bulky of traditional furniture, and can be placed at will indoor and outdoor. After the inflatable sand is distributed, the volume is small, and the collection and carrying are very convenient. It is trendy and comfortable.

什么是充气沙发床 充气沙发床报价

② The inflatable sofa design is unique, colorful, crystal clear, strange shape, and chic sofa with unique shapes and unique shapes.

③ Full sofa serial capsules stereo. It can actively adjust the support according to the pressure of different parts of the body, and feel the care of the consideration. The inflatable sofa can give you the healthiest sleep experience, and the adjustable soft and hard level of inflatable sofa fully meets the standards of ISPA international bedding.

④ The inflatable sofa also has a well -designed internal flat breathable tank. The lazy inflatable sofa carefully designed the flat -projection breathability system between the inner layers and the bile. It not only maintains the appearance and support of the cushion, but also abandons the humidity and heat of the traditional cushion or the heat caused by the poor breathability of the cushion or the heat of the upper and lower ventilation. It plays a good effect on health and disease prevention.


什么是充气沙发床 充气沙发床报价

① Because the inflatable sofa is too soft and there is no support, long -term sitting can make people feel tired;

② It is easy to deform after using it for a long time;

③ As a main furniture in the living room, it looks not high and not atmospheric.

Empty sofa bed quotation

INTEX air cushion sheets single double break lunch break and inflatable mattress increases folding bed tent cushion outdoor cushion reference price: 100 yuan

Bestway double inflatable sofa bed Lazy people lunch chair 75053 orange reference price: 158 yuan

Alpha’s back -to -back double -person furnishing sofa mattress bed Lazy sofa lounge chair lunch break pheasant reference price: 260 yuan

Multi -function inflatable sofa simulation leather five -in -one folding sofa bed Reference price: 487 yuan

Yingtai Qimeijia 1016 inflatable sofa beds can fold the inflatable mattress reference price: 128 yuan

Alpha’s single and double inflatable bed can fold the lazy sofa lying chairs Fashion Portable L -stay living room balcony sofa bed reference price: 325 yuan

什么是充气沙发床 充气沙发床报价

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, everyone now knows what an inflatable sofa bed is. In fact, the inflatable sofa bed is a very convenient product, which allows us to enjoy the comfort brought by the sofa at any time. Interested friends may wish to buy a one home.