“Rubi” product recommendation Prime manual tile cutting machine


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Prime manual tile cutting machine

2021 RUBI

Product parameters

Model: 14897

Place of Origin: Mainland China

Power method: DC electricity

Color classification: type 65 (Prime-CUT-65) type 85 (Prime-Cut-85) type 100 (Prime-Cut-100)


Cutting machine Type: Other/Other

Operation method: handheld

Naival life limit: 2 years

product detail presentation

Double -guide rail bearing visual vision is good

20mm solid steel rod dual guide rail, chrome -plated corrosion resistance, strong resistance to deformation;

Compared with the city -faced monorail tile push knife, the dual -track push knife is better visible.

Magnet adsorption easily breaks bricks

The splitter has a magnet adsorption function, which can operate the brick with one hand;


The segmented force can reach 700kg, and it is easy to break the brick and not collapse.

Tungsten carbide knife wheel


The whole machine comes with a 8mm tungsten carbide knife wheel;

High hardness can cut into each tile;


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