The pleated skirt is a bit sweet. The 4 matching schemes allow you to be a youthful and charming girl in spring and summer.


Hello everyone! I am Xiaonan. The pleated skirt has always been a very easy -to -use item, and its versatility also makes the pleated skirt basically become an indispensable member of many girls’ wardrobes. Although the pleated skirt is very easy to match, you still need to spend a little bit of thoughtful look at the beautiful shape. Today, Xiao Nan wants to introduce the pleated skirt in the pleated skirt. Compared with the low -key long skirt, the pleated skirt will be more young and vibrant, making the whole look more tension, and because of this pleated skirt, it is loved by many beautiful young ladies. Nowadays, it is in spring to summer, and the temperature is gradually heating up, which is just right to wear a pleated skirt. If the little fairies here also want to use pleated skirts to make a beautiful look at this season, then look down together! Intersection


1. Sweet girl

Girls who like sweet styles can try the matching sweater with a pleated skirt. The macaron -colored sweater is cute and textured. With the elegant pleated skirt, the whole shape is sweet and vibrant! When the age -reducing and lively youthful and beautiful girl matches, the length of the lily skirt can be selected for one -half of the length style to show your long legs. If the legs are short, you can also put the sweater into the skirt. Visual waistline. It is most suitable to wear this day when dating!

2. OK college style

If you don’t like too sweet and want to show young girls, you can try the well -behaved college style. You can use a loose sweater with a sense of BOYFRIEND with similar pleated skirts, white socks on your feet, and small leather shoes. You can also get it in the sweater. Wearing a white shirt, revealing collar and cuffs, it can echo with white socks and increase layering. Two -one thing, like a small retro or you can choose a classic Polo shirt to match with pleated skirts! It also has the taste of college style.

3. Simple and capable

If you feel that you ca n’t control such vibrant girls, you should wear the low -key simple style. There are many simple -style pleated skirts on the INS of South Korea this year. Among them, the most occurred is the matching of a suit+pleated skirt. The whole shape is simple and neat and not feminine. It is okay to go out to go out every day.

If you want to look fashionable, you can replace the suit jacket with a trench coat, and then have a pair of personality and knee boots on your feet, fashionable and eye -catching.


4. French elegance


I believe that many girls have tried it. In fact, the pleated skirt is also used to create French style. You only need to add some French -style items and pleated skirts to wear elegant femininity. As shown in the lace coat and a retro -retro -shoulder jacket in the figure above, they can be matched with the pleated skirt with elegance The exquisite shape and naturally do not violate. If you feel a bit vegetarian, you can add a little silk scarf, and the small accessories of the hair clip to increase the highlights!



Skirts, sweet youth is the mainstream impression, but as long as you take care of other styles, you can create it! Let’s use a pleated skirt to come up with our own beautiful look this spring and summer!