In a woman’s life, it is worth having a series of genuine sea -water pearl necklaces


In a woman’s life, it is worth having a bunch of genuine pearl necklaces. It is low -key than gold, gentle than diamonds, and inadvertently diarrhea out of grace and elegance, highlighting the temperament of women.


Akoya’s pearls are rich in color, including white, golden, silver and blue. “Blue Rose” is a silver -blue variety in Akoya Sea Pearl.

The most impressive blue rose is undoubtedly her beautiful pearls, cold blue, gray, and purple interstility shine, and the dreamy halo is beautiful. It is a masterpiece of the sea.


At the same time, it has the strongest accompaniment and high bright skin, no matter what kind of light, the blue rose can stand out. The blue or purple luster in the sun, as if the flowing sea water, is the brightest star in the night sky, shining and charming.

Feeling with heart, happiness will come unexpectedly! May your love or marriage, as translucent as pearls, slightly round. Pearls are related to the beauty of love and inheritance, and record the imprint in the world! [Focusing on pearls for 36 years, welcome to follow and share]


New to a batch of Japanese akoya sea water pearl necklace, one -on -one Japanese blue rose certificate … in the morning with blue roses, light is full of light [Bighery]