Chen Shuxiang, a martyr, did not be a captive of the intestines. Chairman Mao once called him “Spring Grasson”


After the Xiangjiang Battle of the Central Red Army’s life and death was launched, in order to cover the main force of the Red Army and the CPC Central Committee to cross the Xiangjiang River, Master Chen Shuxiang led the Red Division to the 34th Division to serve as a post -cut task. The main force of the Central Red Army crossed the river.

When retreating in the middle of the night, Chen Shuxiang, who was seriously injured, unfortunately encountered a security group ambush. After being arrested, the enemy lifted him to invite him to the superior in the county. Chen Shuxiang, who guessed their purpose, in order not to become the enemy’s bargaining chips.

On the way to the county seat, I resolutely torn away the wound in the abdomen, forbearingly to pull out the intestines from the abdomen, and then twisted the exposed intestine, ending my 29 -year -old life.

The slide of the intestines made the enemy slipping the soles of the enemy’s feet. Through the lighting of the torch, I saw an unknown object with blood on the ground. When the enemy turned his sight back to Chen Shuxiang, he was frightened by Chen Shuxiang’s abdomen. The enemy could not imagine it. What kind of patience Chen Shuxiang can resist the pain to resist the pain.

Chen Shuxiang, because he used to be named Chen Shuchun, and was laughed at by Chairman Mao as “


“, Born in Changsha, Hunan in 1905, the whole family rely on the land of the landlord to maintain her life. When Chen Shuxiang was 9 years old, a large area of ​​drought was ushered in the country. Chen Jiayi outside Xiao Wumen made money by selling vegetables and sending vegetables to make money.

After the First World War, the Japanese enemy’s aggression in my country,

Seriously damaged my country’s territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the country

The long -term oppressed Chinese people have deepened their inner anti -Japanese thoughts. In 1919, the failure of Chinese diplomacy at the Paris and the meeting became the fuse of the emotional outbreak.

Followed on the patriotic movement organized by young students on May 4th,

Under the influence of new thoughts and patriotic feelings at the time, 14 -year -old Chen Shuxiang soon participated in the patriotic movement of the new people’s society launched by the Xinmin Society of Changsha.

Fourth Movement


In 1921, 16 -year -old Chen Shuxiang delivered food in Changsha Clear Pond for a long time and met the work where he was preparing to build a secret party here.

Mao Zedong and others

Under the influence of Mao Zedong, he joined the Socialist Youth League in 1922.

In 1927, at the age of 22, he joined the reason

The Northern Expedition “Iron Army” troops led by Ye Ting

During the team, he served as the head of the squad leader and the guards of the Guard. In September 1927, he followed the large army to participate in an armed autumn uprising of the Workers and Peasants Revolutionary Army initiated by Chairman Mao and other leaders, and then went to the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base in the Jinggangshan Revolution. Anti -“encirclement” made great contributions. Chen Shuxiang, who performed well, was approved by the party organization to join the Communist Party of China shortly after going up the mountain.



In June 1930, the 25 -year -old Chen Shuxiang served as the captain of the Secret Team of the General Headquarters of the Red 1 Corps. In August of the same year, he was promoted to the captain of the Secret Team of the Red 1 Command as the Red 1 of the Division of Red 1 as the defender of the senior leaders in my country. After 1931



Chen Shuxiang has successively served as the commander of the Red 12th Army, the 56th Division of the Red 19th Army, the head of the 101st regiment of the 34th Division of the Red 5th Army, and the 34th division commander, etc.


Chen Shuxiang, who has experienced rich, gradually grew into an excellent Communist Party member in the battle.

Chen Shuxiang portrait


In March 1934, Chen Shuxiang was officially appointed as the commander of the Red 34 division, and this year he also ushered in the end of his life. In October of the same year,

The Red Army failed for the fifth anti -“encirclement”. In order to get rid of the Kuomintang’s pursuit, the Red Army was forced to start the Long March

At that time, the Kuomintang’s siege forces adopted “


Don’t stop your head, do not cut your waist, only kill the tail

“The plan made the tail team with too many wounded actions more damage.


In order to protect the troops of the tail troops and the non -attacking attack, the organization decided to allow Chen Shuxiang to lead the 34th division to serve as a defender to block. Under the powerful sniper of the division, the Red Army successively broke through the Kuomintang’s first, second, and third defense lines. November 27, 1934,

Xiangjiang Battle started

The Central Red Army also ushered in a battle of life and death. Chen Shuxiang’s task continued to resolutely block the enemy on the side of the Xiangjiang River, and vowed to protect the main force of our army through the Xiangjiang River.

The weapons and equipment are backward, and the insufficient troops have not made Chen Shuxiang’s 34 members timid. They fought with the enemy for four days and four nights. The number of hardships with 6,000 people blocked the number of enemies for 10 times. 6,000 people lost more than 900 people. In addition to Chen Shuxiang’s troops, many soldiers also killed the Hunan River in this battle, so it was circulated “

I don’t drink the Xiangjiang River in three years, and I don’t eat the Xiangjiang River Fish for ten years. “

This shows respect for sacrifice soldiers.

After the main force of our army successfully acted across the Xiangjiang River, the Chen Shuxiang troops who became the lonely army chose to break out from the southern Hunan to meet with the large army. On December 11, when Chen Shuxiang led the remaining soldiers to cross a ferry in Jianghua County, he was unfortunately ambushed by the Jianghua County Security Troupe. When the fierce battle between the two sides, Chen Shuxiang’s abdomen was unfortunately hit by a bomb.

After getting rid of the pursuit of the local security group, Chen Shuxiang ordered the troops to rest in place, and he took a tree with a tree with a tree that was stranded in the abdomen, and then simply bandaged the wound. Seeing this situation, the accompanying soldiers quickly produced a simple stretcher. Regardless of Chen Shuxiang’s opposition, he forced him to press on the stretcher, and then raised him to set off to the target direction.

After two days of war, the 34th Division had successfully arrived in Daoxian, and they were unfortunately intercepted by the Daoxian Security Troupe. In order not to drag the march of the large army, Chen Shuxiang ordered the large army to find the opportunity to evacuate in batches. , Captured by the enemy.

Immediately, there was a scene at the beginning, and he broke his intestines with his own hands, and he exhausted his last drop of blood for the Chinese revolution.


When the news of Chen Shuxiang’s sacrifice was passed to the main force of the central government, the chairman cried.

It is reported that at that time, Chen Shuxiang was caught by the Kuomintang local security group in Daoxian. After they knew that Chen Shuxiang was a 34th teacher, he immediately used the medicine to heal the wound for him. He tried to use Chen Shuxiang to pick up our party’s military secrets and invites it. However, Chen Shuxiang, who was weak after being injured, quickly fell asleep under the action of the drug. In order to avoid the “night dreams”, the head of the security group decided to let the security group carry Chen Shuxiang set off to the county seat, but Chen suddenly woke up on the way on the way. The practice of the division and his intestines made his invitations “dreams”. Even so, the head of the security group still carried the cold corpse to the county seat. After all, the corpse could be used as a reason for rewarding.

After arriving at the county seat, Chen Shuxiang’s head was brutally cut off by the enemy, and then passed with a bamboo cage and sent to Changsha, Hunan. At that time, the chairman of the Hunan government, He Jian was angry with all the west -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wi -wipes, knowing that the head of the Red Army’s officials was transported to Changsha. For the “hate of his heart”, he ordered Chen Shuxiang to hang Chen Shuxiang’s skull in the small. Show the public on the stone pillars on Zhongshan Road outside Wumen, and


A small street that is right in the head, in a tattered house on the street, lying on his elderly mother,

Master Chen Shuxiang completed his final gathering with his mother in this extreme way.

According to the relevant records of the party history of our country, the Red 34 Division sacrificed more than 5,000 people, and of the soldiers who survived, more than 400 people were arrested by the Kuomintang Army and local security groups when they broke through, and they were detained in the county and counties of Guangxi. In Guilin’s prison. Later, he received the consent of “repatriation back to the household registration”.

When most soldiers returned to their original nationality, they joined the Anti -Japanese War in the KMT and the Communist Party, and joined the revolutionary anti -Japanese team again to continue to fight against the country.


On the land of northern Guiyuan more than 200 miles, the blood of tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers was soaked. Those famous and unknown fighting heroes made heroic contributions to the victory of the Xiangjiang Battle with their young life.

History will record your heroic, and the people will never forget you.