Analysis of supplies on the wedding bed, four -piece set, don’t be sloppy


To say that marriage has always been complicated, and the layout of the wedding room is also very important. Preparation of decorative objects such as balloons and four pieces of marriage. Today, the little Tuanzi wants to talk about how these wedding beds should be purchased.

Purchase principle

Practical and health is the most important. From a practical perspective, it is more convenient for buying a small set of bedding packages for 4 pieces of bedding. It is best to choose natural materials, such as prevailing silk quilts, which are available in four seasons; other down quilts, wool quilts, etc. are beneficial to healthy sleep.


Material selection

Cotton is the most commonly used and most appropriate. The flat lines and oblique patterns are relatively smooth and soft, suitable for spring and summer; while the wool and tribute satin fabrics are warm, and the best use in autumn and winter.

Brand and quality

The quality of the bedding directly affects the health and mental state of the human body. Therefore, we must choose products that are produced and qualified for brand manufacturers. At the same time, comfort must be considered.

Size and color

The size should be determined according to the wedding bed and living habits that have been bought. In addition, there are two more sets of preparation for the guest room. Because it is newly married, everyone will get used to buying a set of big red bedding, which is festive.


Preparation list

1. bedding kit: four -piece set or eight -piece set


2. Core: silk quilt, velvet quilt, down, etc.

3. Pillow core: latex pillow or function pillow

4. Cushion core: suitable kit specifications cushion core

5. Mattage cushion: four seasons mattress pads, wool cushion mattress pads

6. Plas of blankets: multi -blankets in the four seasons

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