What did the poor households donated 800 million golden wooden wooden houses worth 800 million?


The smoke willow painting bridge, the curtain of the wind curtain, and the 100,000 people, but the luxurious.

The prosperity of the poets of the dynasties in the dynasties is like flowers, but it can be imagined by only words that the Luo Shen of the sun; Qionghua that Emperor Sui Yang has seen in Luoyang; a spring peony in Tang Xuanzong’s neon feathers; The unlimited scenery of Jiangnan was rewarded.

How many wars in modern times, how many cities collapsed and destroyed, how many mountains and rivers were exhausted, and the sea and the sea. Those buildings, either the courtyard house in the north, or a private garden in the south. Except for scattered people to watch, the rest are only on the paper.

Occasionally pushing away the heavy wooden door, the door ring collisted, as if reminding the sleeping things to wake up. Stepping on the green stone road, watching the carved flowers, watching the courtyard deep, listening carefully, as if there were small enemies under the banana tree, there was a son’s reading in front of the green screen.

Stepping into the yard, the story of Fenghua Xueyue will take shape in your mind. One flower and one world. When the afterglow of the disabled falls down, you look back at the ancient building, and you don’t know what kind of emotions that flash in your heart.

Not falling wooden house

When people were young, they felt how beautiful the world was, and they trapped their future in their minds. Even if they are naive, they will still think of it from time to time when they grow up.


If you have the money, how to spend; or you are suddenly told that there is a lot of money, how to deal with it

Essence With the increase of age and the rich experience, it is gradually knowing that this is impossible. However, such a good thing happened to such an ordinary person.

Sometimes you can see the original farming tools on the road of the countryside, see the painting on the wall, and watch the inconspicuous things in the farmer’s hands. And this house is a whole treasure.

In a scenic spot in Enshi City, Hubei Province, there is a humble wooden house that looks inconspicuous. It is a private house for a long time and is now protected by cultural relics. What is going on? Woolen cloth? turn out to be,

This wooden house was actually made by Jinsi Nanmu



As we all know, the golden silk nanmu is extremely expensive wood. It can use a large amount of golden wood in history, either a wealthy enemy or a high weight.

In the era when the world competes for profit,

What kind of wood is almost a symbol of identity, and how can such a house that is almost all made of golden silk nanmu be in an unknown poor hometown?

This wooden house with all over the past few hundred years of wind and frost, and mountains and rivers are actually from the Ming Dynasty. It is an official’s house. There are not many historical records. Perhaps the official was once a very person. After returning to his hometown, he used his life’s savings to create this house. From then on, he did not come to the world.

Or this official is a lot of money, creating a luxurious garden for the eyes of the unknown places for children and grandchildren to live. In the end, there is no word in the history book, and you can only guess by yourself.

Hundreds of years of time in the sea, and the once brilliant mansion now has only one wooden house.

Essence The old -fashioned family who has been shameful and once lived in only the old man who lives inside. The owner of this house, Uncle Yang, also knew the value of his ancestral house after a long time. What will uncle Yang, who is a poor household, choose?


Difficult choice

What will you do when you have the wealth of 80 % of the world’s people? Is it settled in a big city; or travel around the world; or show off everywhere? Uncle Yang also fell into this choice.


Because the wooden house is too shabby, many people want to remove it, and Uncle Yang has been invited to discuss the demolition funds many times. Later, because of the local plan to plan the scenic area, Uncle Yang’s wooden house was also deemed to be treated with obstacles in the planned area.

Uncle Yang got the demolition fund, but because he was not planned, he continued to live in the wooden house.

Chinese people have a local complex. It is said that the people who had left their hometown before went to the soil to make a living will bring the soil in the hometown. When they were old, they always looked at the direction of their hometown and looked forward to falling their leaves.


Most of the villages in China have retained the ancestral law system for thousands of years. Many people love their families and will regularly worship the ancestral grave. The neighborhood will also help. The ancestral house recalled the common memories of several generations in the special era, and the significance of people was more different. So Uncle Yang didn’t want his ancestral house to be demolished.


Slowly he learned that his ancestral house was made of golden silk, and the valuation of 800 million was even more sky -high.

The world is good. Even if a house is dilapidated, the person who wants to buy is endless. How many people go to the door and how big the benefits are in front of them.

What makes everyone unexpectedly,

After the thoughtful Uncle Yang, I decided to donate the ancestral house to the country

Essence As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar. Many people can’t understand why Uncle Yang, who is a poor household, is donated to the country? This will not change much for his life.

Uncle Yang’s psychological activity is as unknown as the source of this house. People can now visit this wooden house, and may be able to explore one or two from the traces of the mottled years.

The past sober, the world is just passers -by. And what did the poor households who donated 800 million golden wooden wooden houses worth 800 million? What does it look like now?

Uncle Yang now lives not far from the wooden house. If he is idle, he can take a walk here. Through the light, think about the story here.


Quietly good years

Maoyan is low, and green grass on the stream. In the past, the quiet days that were recorded in the past, we couldn’t see it again.

Walking in a fast -paced city, peeling away the bright and beautiful skin on the outside, only tired.

If you can, go to the countryside, contact such an old house, and think about the slow and fulfilling days of the ancients

When I stepped into this golden silk nan not, I couldn’t feel as luxurious as its name. Go out of the wooden house, listen to the slow wind between the mountains, the warm sun, and let go of the miscellaneous things.

For a moment, I suddenly wanted to understand that Uncle Yang did not get the ancestor wealth that should have belonged to him, but he gained a tranquility in his heart. His spiritual wealth also reached its peak at the moment when he made a decision.

When is the name of the name and the fortune, the uncle is no longer tired of being a fame

Essence The uncle’s approach may be the same as the ancestors who choose to settle here a few hundred years ago.

Sometimes when choosing is uncertain, ask your heart. You will get the best answer.