How to wear a 30 -year -old woman in autumn and winter? Pure color sweater is not naive, decorate your autumn fashion



The 30 -year -old woman is a hurdle,

From emotional conditions to work and life, they will change a lot. Be careful not to have the trend of the old age at the age of 30. The most direct thing is to reflect in dressing.


How can a 30 -year -old woman wear it in the autumn and winter season?

Xiaobian recommends the vibrant pure color sweater, decorate your autumn fashion. ▼

Qi Wei after returning to the long hair style is a proper fashion spicy mothers. The airport is very fashionable. The sweater is one of the popular items. Among these two sweaters, the left side with black sweater with checkered leather boots, but it looks unjust. The fluorescent sweater on the right, also paired with a white sweater waist, who watched a girl! ▼

Song Qian, in his early 30s, has his own style, but often has too much force. For example, the set of umbilical sweaters on the left shows a small waist, but with a slim -fitting long skirt, the overall looks very fleshy. It is better to match the sweater on the right. ▼

Guan Xiaotong, who is not old, is often old -fashioned, and can be well reflected in these two sets of sweaters. Girls’ double ponytails and sports sweater, but with a golden skirt, the shape suddenly older. On the contrary, it is not as good as the airport style, the refreshing purple sweater with trousers, this is what college girls should look like! ▼

A 30 -year -old female star can wear the sweater very young, and the 20 -year -old can not wear the sweater well.

Even if you choose a sweater in the autumn and winter season, you should also pay attention to the way of matching.

A vibrant sweater can decorate your autumn fashion. Let’s share the rules of dressing! ▼


Pure color sweater is more vibrant in color selection

1. Black gray can wear less if you wear less

After entering the autumn and winter seasons, many girls will choose thin and dirty black and gray items. But at an embarrassing age at the age of 30, the style of youthful vitality is of course better.

The calm and restrained black and gray sweater, wear less energy when saving less energy in autumn and winter,


As long as you choose a slightly loose sweater, it will not be too fat to wear! ▼

2. Light color is more tender than dark


The visual experience brought by the color is the most intuitive. Not everyone will look at your match carefully. In the color matching rules,


Light color will be more tender than dark.


For example, the same red tone, light pink and rose red, there is a big difference in embellishment on the single product.

The light color can wear a sense of girly. ▼


3. Do not touch the fluorescent sweater

The stars accidentally choose a fluorescent sweater. The effects they wear are really eye -catching and youthful, but don’t follow the trend blindly.

Girls with yellow black skin are very unsuitable for fluorescent sweater.


It is more dark to put on, and make a few layers of foundation for makeup. It is not recommended to start! ▼

Pure color sweater also needs a sense of design

1. Simple strap design


Can’t reflect in color

Sense of modeling

, Can be reflected in sweaters

detail design

For example, strap design. The sweater usually has a drawing stump embellishment. It is not enough to see it alone.

Method of stringing

Simple items can also be very fashionable. ▼

2. Personalized hollow design

The hollow design of personality often appears in the dress shape of female stars, embellished on a solid color sweater, is it very special! However, it must be

Select the hollow position correctly


, There are more fat on your body, don’t expose it by hollowing, comparison

Recommended shoulder, collarbone, etc. Add hollow design


Essence ▼

3. Deeling and off -the -shoulder design

If you want to be sexy in the autumn and winter seasons, the sweater can also satisfy you. The commonly exposed navel or off -the -shoulder design in summer, just replace the version of the sweater! but


Women with good figure dare dare to wear like this,

And be sure to keep warm, but don’t get cold. ▼

Autumn fashion sweaters with look

1. Pure color sweater+jeans

Jeans are wild items that can be worn all year round. It is not suitable for it to match pure color sweaters. The two basic items are matched with them. You do n’t have to worry about errors at all. If you want to wear a thinner effect,


Use black jeans to replace all kinds of light blue jeans

, Visually show thin legs! ▼


2. Pure color sweater+skirt

Jiao Qiao’s skirt, and casual sweater can also be matched, the style can also be selected for you. If you want to match

Girl feel, pleated mini skirt

It’s a good choice, if you want

Mature, A -line skirt

It will be more recommended. ▼

3. Pure color sweater set

There is another kind

Lazy way of matching

, Start directly

Pure color sweater set

No matter in color or matching, you don’t need to match yourself, but the sense of styling will be a little worse, and it is easy to exercise. ▼

How to wear a 30 -year -old woman in autumn and winter? Xiaobian recommends the basic solid color sweater, youthful vitality but not too naive, easy to decorate your autumn fashion,

Don’t start serving from now on, you are 30 years old! ▼

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