What is the role of the V -shaped groove at the bottom?


Magnetic suction cups are very common. It is used to fix the measuring instrument on the measured object. The magnetic surface rack, as the name implies, is absorbed by magnetic force, but do you know how he achieved the switch?



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1. What is a magnetic suction cup

The magnetic suction cup is shown below, mainly consisting of shell (cast iron), permanent magnet (magnet), brass (non -magnetic) and so on.


2. What is a magnetic field?

Strip magnets come out of N and go in from S pole. The magnetic field of the strip magnet is strong, and the magnetic field on the left and right sides is weak.

3. Principles of magnetic suction magnetic switching


Using the principles of different intensity of the upper and lower parts and left and right magnetic fields of strip magnets, rely on rotating magnetic fields to achieve magnetic adsorption. When the upper and lower parts of the strip -shaped magnet are used to guide the magnetic body, because the magnetic field strength is large and the magnetic force is large, it can be adsorbed to the test measurement measurement. On the surface of the object, the other is the same, see the picture below in detail

4. Why is it set to V under the magnetic suction cup?

Magnetic size is fixed for magnets. If the pole is close to a certain magnetic flow, the magnetic force will be concentrated near the magnetic pole (center), so the platform is unstable. Therefore Essence


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