The price of cabbage is high, making your fingers shine!


The little fairies are busy dressed up every day but forgot the “second face” decoration of a woman’s very important “second face”. In winter, everyone is wrapped in thick. Let your fingers welcome the winter! Hurry up to see me to see what fresh and fashionable rings are ~ your benefits are here, hurry up and pack the collection.


114K bag gold minimalist small balls open ring ring


The simple little golden bean is extremely detailed. The high -fidelity is not afraid of water. It is definitely the best jewelry to wear everyday! The opening ring can be adjusted. The design of the extremely detailed ring requires a small force to adjust. In this way, you can wear which fingers can be worn at will, so you don’t need to spend more money to buy a few more ~


2 Simple sterling silver knot combination ring

Rich visual sense, high -end pattern design, careful thinking and femininity coexist, it has a different beauty as your usual ring ~ full metal shape is both a visual feast, but also work hard on the workmanship of details. The artificial vermiculite small design is white and light luxury, which is also one of the elements of super fire this season! The overall looks so beautiful and explosive. When it starts, it can feel that beauty can be effortless!

3 Simple opening around the ring 14K bag gold pearl ring

The simple design has a strong elegant charm ~ the softness of the pearl and the metal reflection ~ The ring retains the elegant and soft pearl and is full of fairy, feminine! The opening is a adjustable style, and the color will not fade because it is 14K packet gold, which has a certain hardness and flexibility.

4 Personal opening index finger adjustable ring ring


The cute lollipop design, suddenly sniped the girl’s heart of the girl ~ Sweet lollipop design, with the youthful vitality of the girls! The daily accessories belonging to the girl love girl ~ The color of lollipop is embellished by silver and pink crystal, which is cute and the style of the ring.

5 European and American personalized discs full drill exaggerated ring

A exaggerated ring with a full personality, with a finger is blingbling, sparkling! The design of the disc, with a flashing full drill, gives you a different sexy! The most eye -catching golden and silver are for everyone to choose ~ Which one is a dazzling star ~

6 Exaggerated Finger Personality Fashion Ring Decoration Ring

The exaggerated design concept gives the ring a distinctive temperament, and also gives the wearer with a unique personality! The seemingly messy ring has a different sense of design balance. The messy geometric body of golden metal is a very artistic ring! The bright metal material shines and the wonderful luster, the appearance curve reveals the elegant atmosphere ~


7 Exaggerated atmosphere imitation pearl opening ring


The exaggerated ring made of imitation pearl, full of elegance and personality! The superb workmanship technology makes the value of the ring itself more prominent and unique ~ unique design, giving people a different feeling. At present, the very popular color tone and splicing process make this personality ring stand out ~

8 Heavy Gong Golden Silver Set Ring


Elegant rhythm curve, three -dimensional hollow space geometry, mix and match at will, and avant -garde. One -piece molding, raising your hands are fashionable ~ irregular parallel line design, unlimited extension but no intersection point. The stitching design gives these two parallel lines to have the opportunity to connect. Just like two people in love can meet in the parallel world, find their love for life!