Do you need to wear clothes too much? wrong! CCTV exposed a group of unqualified clothes, and the baby is not shallow


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Many parents think that their children are important to eat, but don’t be too particular about wearing. The nutrition that children eat will be converted into our muscle and bones, making us grow taller.


When the child’s clothes are dressed, it will become smaller, and it will not be able to wear it.

When many parents choose clothes for their children, they are not very particular about it. They look beautiful, children like it, and the price is appropriate.


In fact, children’s clothes on health are also very great

1. The clothes are not pure cotton. The sweat absorption effect is not good, which affects the health of children

Children will have a lot of sweat during exercise, and unable to suck sweat, which will cause the child’s sweat, and there is no way to discharge smoothly. In this way, the child can easily suck the sweat back to the body and affect the health of the body. Generally speaking

, Cotton -cotton sweat absorption effect will be better


The effect of polyester fiber or spandex is very poor.


CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” has done one of the water absorption experiments of polyester fibers and cotton cotton strips. The two cotton strips are placed on the water. Essence

2. The child’s clothes are not soft enough

Children wear the skin on their bodies, affect the comfort of the body, and even cause skin injury.

Generally, when we buy clothes for children, they buy cotton fabrics. Qualified clothes will label how much cotton contains and how many polyester fibers.


Many parents choose 100%cotton for their children. However, the “Weekly Quality Report” of 13 CCTV also mentioned that


There are some unqualified clothing marked ingredients. The content of the ingredients is virtual: the clothes are written with 100%cotton, but there are only 60%cotton materials, and the others are polyester fibers.


If it is not 100%cotton, the softness of the clothes is not enough.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau Test

After 110 batches of children’s clothing, 14 costumes were found to have fiber deficiency.


3. Children’s clothes are too high in pH

Children’s skin is weakly acidic, and in the process of making children’s clothing, it is more likely to lead to the alkaline of clothing.

The pH value of infants and young children is 4.0-7.5.

The CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” reported that a number of clothing inspected by the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau, some of them had a high pH value.

If the pH value is too high, it will stimulate the child’s skin, which will cause the child’s skin immunity to decrease and be susceptible to illness.

4. Children’s clothes fade

When we buy clothes and come back, we will wash it first. Some parents will find that when they are washing clothes for their children, water without colors becomes color. That’s because of clothes

Insufficient colors.

And the color of the clothes is insufficient, not only will it fade when washing clothes, but sweating when children wear clothes. These dyed substances will follow the child’s sweat and enter the child’s body. Long -term accumulation affects the child. The health of the body.

CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” discovered

110 batches of children’s clothing found that 11 colored accuracy indicators were unqualified.

5. Children’s clothes are bright and beautiful, but the taste is very heavy

Children’s clothes will add formaldehyde, which can prevent wrinkles, anti -contraction, flame retardant, and make the color more bright and firm.

Make the print on the clothes clearer and more reliable.

National regulations: The content of formaldehyde in clothes cannot exceed 75 mg per kilogram.

Partial clothes

The formaldehyde is as high as 114 mg per kilogram.

The formaldehyde on the clothes exceeds the national standard, in the short term

It will stimulate children’s eyes, respiratory tract and oral cavity,

It may also cause children to appear on the skin

Allergic reaction

Essence Long -term damage to children’s body is even greater.


After all, the child’s metabolism is relatively fast. When sweating, the formaldehyde on the clothes will absorb the body through the skin.


And children often bite clothes and lick their clothes, which will also cause formaldehyde on the clothes to enter the child’s body through the respiratory tract.

As a parent, it is impossible to have the ability to detect, but we need some basic discerning skills.

Buy clothes for your children, parents keep in mind seven or not to buy, let the children wear healthy and clean

1. Do not buy in non -A category in personal clothes

The clothes are divided into Class A, B and C, for infants and young children,

It is best to have a close -fitting clothes.


The standard requirements of Class A are relatively high.


2. If the logo is not clear, don’t buy it

For example

There must be manufacturers, categories, main raw materials, sizes, cleaning requirements, etc. on the product label.

Some manufacturers may break the labels and sell them, but these clothes are not recommended to buy them for children. Children’s clothes must be clearly identified.

Third, the softness is too bad, don’t buy it

We watched the clothes with 100%cotton, but the touch felt a bit hard, it was most likely the fiber deficiency, that is, the cotton content was not too high.

Fourth, the clothes are too bright, try not to buy as much

When the clothes are colored, it will use formaldehyde,

Children’s personal clothes, choose light colors, or even solid colors,

There will be less formaldehyde used in solid colors.

Fifth, there are ropes on the clothes, don’t buy it


State regulations: There are no rope bands on children under the age of seven.

It is mainly for safety. When children under the age of seven years old are playing slides, if there is a rope on the clothes, it is likely to get stuck on the slide, causing the child to danger.

6. Do not buy too many metal decorations on the clothes


There may be some small metal slices on many children’s clothes, or some small decorations. If these decorations are not reliable,

It is easy to be pulled down by the child. When the child is pulled down, he may be stuffed with his nose, ears, and mouth to cause danger.

Seven, the printed on the clothes has a odor, don’t buy it

Some prints or patterns on the clothes, if


The smell is relatively heavy, it is very likely that formaldehyde exceeds the standard,

Don’t buy it for your child.

In addition to the above seven do not buy, all new clothes of the child must pay attention to. After buying it, you should soak and clean it, because some formaldehyde will be dissolved in water. After we buy it back and clean, the clothes will be cleaner and hygienic. safer.


Reference materials: 20161211 weekly quality report

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