The painful price, the kitchen slicer becomes a meat cutter, blood lesson


Recently, I have been a big deal and suffered a big loss.


One day browsed a small video and found that a V was trying to peeled the shredded shredded slicer in a kitchen. It instantly moved to a certain treasure and went to order.


This is the goods


When I arrived, put the potatoes up and sliced ​​to prepare to make a grilled potato chip at night.

Who knew that after rubbing a few times, I yelled, and the thumb of my right hand was cut off by the belt meat and nails together (the picture was too bloody, I dealt with it, I was afraid of causing everyone’s discomfort.)

The blood emerged instantly. After I washed the faucet and rinsed a few times, I squeezed under the wound to prevent him from bleeding, and then found a rope tie to tie it to stop bleeding under the joint.

As a result, there was no three minutes, and the blood could not stop at all. Blood flowed. I let go of the rope, but it would not work. It took half an hour to finally stop the blood.


If a drop of blood and ten eggs are supplemented, I need at least five hundred eggs today.

Hold back the anger to find a customer service, and then they said that they were also sorry for this kind of thing. I hope to compensate me for five dollars to make up for it. You can’t make up for 500 eggs. Comment.


The purpose of writing this post is to remind everyone that this type of slicer looks good, but it is too sharp. If you have to use it, you must choose the hand in the supporting facilities and you must use the handle. There is no in this twelve set meal, and the slicer becomes a meat cutter is the lesson and deep pain of bloody blood.

Fortunately, the thumb is not affecting my typing, but there is no way to touch the water at all these days, it is very inconvenient.

Eating a stingy, long one wisdom, the former experience of blood, I hope that later parties can absorb, don’t repeat my mistakes, it is miserable and can’t bear it.


And the most terrible thing is that as a woman, I still feel that blood is very fishy. The whole injured hand smells like the crab has not washed my hands. Clean up, and the fishy smell is full, especially the straps that have been bundled with fingers.