Different types of driving recorder recommendations are not high -performance strong performance


With the increase of China’s car ownership year -on -year and the complexity of road traffic conditions, the driving recorder has become an indispensable member of the vehicle equipment. It provides reliable video evidence when traffic problems occur. After continuous iterative development, the driving recorder not only becomes better in the quality of the picture, but also has a lot of practical functions.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

According to the author’s understanding, many friends’ driving recorders are purchased when buying a car many years ago, and many are still gifts attached to the 4S shop. The products these many years ago were placed today, both the quality and functionality of the screen are already satisfied. Today we will recommend a few driving recorder products to you. The price is not expensive but the performance is not good. It’s time to upgrade your driving recorder!

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

360 driving recorder G300PRO

This is the driving recorder product currently used by the author. The integrated simple design, screen, and built -in GPS/electronic dog function is the main reason why I choose this driving recorder. This driving recorder adopts an integrated design, so it does not need to be a bracket, and the effect of installation in the car is still very good.

The 360 ​​driving recorder G300PRO can record a video with a resolution of 2304 × 1296. Although this performance is not particularly able to play in the current driving recorder market, it is still good from the actual shooting effect, and it can also have a good effect at night. The lens perspective of this driving recorder is 140 °, which is also the golden perspective and standard configuration recognized by the driving recorder industry. It can ensure that there is a wide field of vision, and at the same time, there will be no major distortion.

This driving recorder has a built -in electronic dog function. From the actual use point of view, the recognition rate is still very high and accurate, which can help the driver stay away from the ticket. Although there are not too many auxiliary driving functions, there are also collision detection to record emergency videos, and parking monitoring can also be achieved with pressure downgrading lines. The 2 -inch screen does not support touch, and it is relatively simple to operate.

70 Mai A400

As a driving recorder with a screen, the size of the Rubik’s Cube A400 is not large, and it will not be too obtrusive to install in the car. The matte color body can be well integrated with the vehicle interior, and it will not be right. The driver’s sight caused interference. It is worth mentioning that the Rubik’s Cube A400 provides three colors of deep space gray, midnight blue and Xingmang powder to choose from. Whether you are a male car owner or a female user, you can find a color scheme that suits you.

Rubik’s cube A400 can record a maximum ultra -high -definition video of 2880 × 1620 resolution (2.9k), and the 140 ° golden perspective covers multiple lanes. Broad -up range image technology (WDR) provides more dynamic range and image details. Under complicated light conditions such as backlight and night, clear images can still be obtained. The Lianyong NT96589 main control chip brings superb computing capabilities, making the high -definition video output smoother.

The Rubik’s Cube A400 can also connect the rear camera. The rear lens of the 1080P picture quality 130 ° perspective provides a full range of protection for driving. After the installation is also very simple to adjust the angle, you can directly adhere to the rear window. When working in the driving recorder, you can also switch the front and rear camera images with one click. For models without reversing images, the reversing can be safer.

Rubik’s Cube A400 is also a multifunctional driving recorder. The electronic dog function can broadcast the road conditions throughout the process. For speed measurement, red lights, etc., early warning is reminded and early warning, helping drivers and friends to regulate driving farewell tickets. In actual use, because of the Beidou three -generation+GPS dual positioning system, the accuracy of the electronic dog is very high.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

The ADAS function (auxiliary driving) can provide voice promotion such as the start of the car, the lane departure warning, and the front car collision warning, allowing us to stay away from the risk of driving.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

The color performance of this driving recorder is very good

Staring at MINI5

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

The MINI5 MINI5 of the Passionate Driving Records uses Sony 1/2.8 -inch Starlight CMOS sensor and Starvis back -photo technology to record 4K ultra -high -definition images. Whether it is day or night, you can clearly record the driving conditions and have better details. You can escort your car and provide reliable video evidence when there is a problem.

Whether it is day or night, whether it is still or exercise, staring at MINI5 can bring us 4K video images with excellent clarity. It can not only escort our car, but also be used as a video shooting tool during self -driving tour, providing high -definition and colorful materials.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

While having core competitiveness and picture quality, the MINI5 also has many practical functions such as parking monitoring, 4G remote interconnection, and intelligent driving assistance. It also has 64GB storage space, and no additional memory card is needed.

The effect at night is excellent

Staring at MOLA E5

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

The MOLA E5 is a rearview mirror bicycle recorder with a 12 -inch large screen. It can record 1440P ultra -high -definition driving videos, and has products with parking monitoring and intelligent voice control functions.

Many driving recorders with screens on the market, the screen size is about three inches. Because the screen is small, it does not support touch. It is not convenient to operate when the video is played and the display effect is not good. And MOLA E5’s 12 -inch touch screen, the video is as simple as operating a mobile phone. And because the screen is large, multiple video shrinkage maps can be displayed on the left, and the right interface is a video that is being played. To sum up, the viewing and back release of the video are very simple. The screen display accuracy is very high for color restoration, and the viewing angle of the screen is also very good.

The screen supports touch hair, and the response speed is satisfactory

The MOLA E5 uses a 4 -megapixel CMOS image sensor, which can record 1440P high -definition images, and the maximum resolution is 2560 × 1440. F1.4 large aperture lens composed of six groups of optical lenses. You can get clear images even in a weak light environment. The lens recording range of the MOLA E5 reaches 130 °. While easily monitoring the three lanes, the distortion control of the edge of the screen is also very good.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

Video background interface

In addition to the MOLA E5 on the screen and viewing the record video, this driving recorder also has wireless functions. You only need to install a staring on the mobile phone to connect the driving recorder and the mobile phone through the WIFI, set the settings, set the settings, set it up, set up, set up, set up settings, set up, set up, set up settings, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up, set up. Settings. Settings. Driving recorder, viewing real -time monitoring screens and downloading monitoring videos are very convenient.

价格不高性能强 不同种类行车记录仪推荐

Vehicle license plates are clearly visible


We recommend different types of driving recorder products above, and have traditional driving recorders with screens. You can easily view driving videos when emergency. The driving recorder product without screen is good and hidden in size, which will not destroy the overall interior atmosphere of the vehicle. The rearview mirror bicycle recorder, the screen supports the best touch control, but if it is not a special car, but the family uses a car to continuously adjust the angle of the rearview mirror, it is a bit inconvenient.

At present, the auxiliary driving function, GPS function, and parking monitoring function of the driving recorder are still very practical in the actual use of the car, which can improve driving safety and better guard the car.