The player channel is locked and the timer stops. I hope the Shanghai story will not spread in the CBA!


The player channel is locked and the timer stops. I hope the Shanghai story will not spread in the CBA!

The seventh round of CBA has a lot of highlights. The Beijing City Derby, with the highest betting, and the top of Guangsha, with the top of the list, also have a strong dialogue between Liaoning to Shandong.

In the first half of the Shanghai Xinjiang competition, Shanghai led 1 point in Xinjiang with 62-61. After the midfielder was resting, the two sides returned to the court. However, the head coach Li Qiuping did not appear at the scene. So the players on the court negotiated and sent a single foreign aid. A wave of 10-0 by Shanghai was opened to two digits to double digits.


What is the referee doing?

After the game, the head coach Li Qiuping solved the mystery. It turned out that Li Qiuping was locked when the player channel door was locked while returning to the field after resting at the midfield. There is no way to return to the coaching seat before the start of the third quarter. The lineup and arms in the third quarter are not arranged by Li Qiuping. Fortunately, Yuan Shen was also Li Qiuping’s home. He was still familiar with everything in the stadium. He went back to the stadium through other channels, so he appeared that the team had no “head coach” situation.

Lock the door? Why not lock my hand?


Afterwards, Shanghai explained and apologized to Xinjiang. However, this episode has not yet ended, and there is a stories of timer stopping in the fourth quarter.

There are still about 8 minutes to play in the fourth quarter. The score is 97-88 ahead of Xinjiang 97-88. Ferre Date is transported on the left side of the 45 ° three-point line on the left. Trying to get rid of Xinjiang’s defensive player Yu Changdong. Under Yu Changdong closely, Fredett switched to fight back, using left and right shaking tests, and could not find a chance to make a shot. Finally, he turned his left foot and throwed into the ball.

Mennellas against the sky

After the ball scored, the fans of Shanghai screamed and cheered. At this moment, Xinjiang raised a 24 -second violation question. When the referee stopped the game, found the technical table, and requested the video playback. “Stop” by 16 seconds! After the watch, I continued, and Fredett’s offensive time was 5 seconds after shooting. This time the “stop” time exceeded 5 seconds.


After the judgment, the Shanghai team’s offensive violations were 24 seconds, the goal was invalid, and the ball right was transferred to Xinjiang. This penalty also attracted the protest of the Shanghai head coach Liu Peng. This is really not flattering inside and outside.

Heroes are hard to enemy four punch

The timer “stopped” and continued for nearly 10 minutes before and after the dispute, and the players on the field simply sat on the ground to keep stretching.

In the end, Shanghai won the victory 110-104 at home with the double foreign aid co-score. There are always winning or losing in the game, but the Shanghai story hopes not to spread in the CBA!

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