Physical business borrowing Double 12 acceleration and Alipay integration


Last year, “Double Twelve”, 20,000 offline stores across the country joined the “Double Twelve” offline promotional activities. Auntie gave up the square dance to take Alipay to go to the supermarket to sweep the goods. To say, such a scene is really unprecedented. This year’s “Double Twelve” came quietly again, and major businesses wanted to make a hard time taking advantage of this festival.

Since 2013, the domestic offline retail industry has been completely contracted, followed by the “closing tide”, which is similar to the “double twelve” “festivals”, and physical retail companies naturally do not want to let go. “China Business Daily” reporter learned that in the physical retail industry, more and more offline merchants have chosen to accompany Alipay to “holidays”, but there are exceptions that large supermarkets such as RT -Mart and Wumi have not participated in Alipay. Instead of the “Double Twelve” promotion of Alipay’s mouth, he chose to do it by himself. Some companies were “Double Eleven” and did not have a cold about the “Double Twelve”. At present, online and offline integration has become a general trend, but on the road of win -win cooperation, it seems that physical retail has also had a trace of defense against the Internet.

There are different ways to borrow physical retail

In the eyes of consumers, “Double Twelve” has become a discount or promotional day. Whether online or offline, major mall merchants have begun to use this special day to operate and plan discounts on the same day.

The reporter was informed that the offline consumption scenarios covered by the “Double Twelve” activities this year are more extensive, covering eight offline scenarios such as catering, supermarkets, convenience stores, takeaway, business districts, airports, beauty hairdressers, and cinemas. From 20,000 to 300,000 merchants, “Double Twelve” together, this year, Alipay’s offline coverage has shown expansion development. Among the “Double Twelve” physical retail companies with Alipay, there are many retail crocodiles such as Wal -Mart and Carrefour.

During the “Double Twelve” period, more than 400 Wal -Mart Shopping Plaza across the country launched a discount of 20 % off or decreased by the use of Alipay payment on December 7th to 11th. 50 % off and 50 yuan cap.

In the “Double Twelve”, the supermarkets under the Dazhang Group organized the supplier to do corresponding preferential activities. At the same time, offline stores mainly based on Da Shang supermarket also participated in the promotion of Alipay’s reputation. The reporter learned that, as last year, the subsidy costs of the “Double Twelve” large business group this year were borne by Alipay.

In the opinion of Liu Sijun, CEO of Dashang Terrant, “Double Twelve” offline will not be done as their main promotional activities, because offline commercial stores or Christmas promotion will be carried out. “Double Twelve” is Alipay. The activity of it, but the physical retail company believes that since there is subsidies, it will not exclude openness.

According to Liu Sijun, the offline stores of the “Double Twelve” large business group last year launched a promotion with Alipay. To 1%.

Of course, this year’s “Double Eleven” also has physical retail companies to choose not to play with Alipay. The “Double Twelve” is the climax of the Five Star Electric [Weibo] 17th anniversary. The five -star electrical appliances combined with the 100 major electrical appliance brands to send 170 million yuan brand red envelope. The five -star cooperation through Internet companies, and cooperating with the public to sell a 95 % discount cash card for profit, which is equivalent to the final transaction price of 95 %. In addition, the five -star electrical appliances also issued a taxi coupon with Didi.

Last year, Wumi, who ate sweets in the “Double Twelve”, increased a lot compared to the weekdays. This year Wumi did not cooperate with Alipay to choose a single job. During the “Double Twelve” period You can enjoy a gift for 50 membership.

Different from Dashang Group, Wumi previously talked about the “Double Twelve” cooperation, Alipay’s request for subsidy costs shared by Wumi and Alipay. “Alipay’s conditions are not good. Compared with last year’s subsidy investment, all of them are responsible for Alipay. This year, Alipay hopes that both parties will bear it, and Wumi is unwilling to play with Alipay.” An insiders of Wumi said, “Wumi will do promotion this year, and this year, it will do promotions by themselves. And the strength is not worse than Alipay. “

In the industry’s opinion, last year, Alipay’s marketing of many retailers is ambiguous marketing. In terms of understanding, 50 % off is actually a maximum of 50 yuan. He predicts that this year’s Alipay “Double Twelve” promotion will not work well in the retail sector.

The reporter learned from the stepfolivation (15.32, -0.22, -1.42%) group that the Backgammon Supermarket will not have big promotional activities during the “Double Twelve” period. At present, BBK supermarkets and convenience stores have access to QQ wallets and WeChat payment, but did not access Alipay. The relevant person in charge of Backgammon told reporters that compared with the “Double Twelve”, Backgammon highly pays more attention to the “Double Eleven” promotion. “Double Eleven” has made a big promotion, and “Double Twelve” will not operate on a large scale.

During the “Double Eleven” period, BBK Gao once joined more than 1,000 domestic first -line physical retail to create a “China Shopping Festival”. Previously, it also created promotional nodes such as “6.30, 7.30, 9 ยท 20”. From the perspective of step -by -step high, the promotion of “Double Eleven” may overdraw some consumers’ consumption in advance. In addition, there are many e -commerce activities promotion, and consumers will also cause aesthetic fatigue.

When asking why he did not participate in the “Double Twelve” promotion of Alipay’s mouth, the relevant person in charge of Runfa expressed his surprise. In his opinion, he did not unite Alipay. In the “Double Twelve” Fei and RT -Mart, similar activities can be engaged in similar activities. Hu Chuncai, general manager of Shanghai Shangyi Consulting Co., Ltd., believes that although the two parties cooperated with Alipay to promote the mutual benefit of both parties, there are also risks as a physical store, including members and products of the goods. Alipay will be obtained by Alipay. “Compared with small and medium -sized enterprises, RT -Mart’s data is more valuable. It is taboo to grasp the goods and customer information to Alipay.”

It is reported that during the “Double Twelve” period, Fei will hold a “Double Twelve” promotion. According to the relevant person in charge of Fei, “Double Twelve” itself is an online promotional node. Fei conducts promotions by issuing red envelope goods vouchers, but the promotion of “Double Twelve” is definitely not as good as “Double Eleven”. According to its disclosure, the “Double Twelve” is viewed in a normal promotional way. At present, all the promotional priorities of Fei focus on the New Year’s goods.

Offline business and Alipay accelerated integration

Today, physical retail is crazy about promotions on all holidays, anniversary celebrations, etc., and even make a profit for its own festivals. Most merchants are still choosing to fight in the “Double Twelve”. What is the reason for physical retail so hard?

At present, the profit of physical retail is getting lower and lower. This year, many small and medium -sized retail companies have been eliminated because of their low profits. Therefore, companies can only pay more attention to benefits and sales growth. “‘Double Twelve’ physical retail hopes to clear up the inventory to improve their performance. This is the trick of many physical retail to survive. The future world is win -win cooperation, and physical retail must welcome changes. “Hu Chuncai said.

According to statistics from Alipay, there are currently more than 70 commercial superpower store brands across the country accessing Alipay payment, with more than 40,000 stores. In other words, there are about 10 “Double Twelve”, which has been connected to Alipay, which has not been involved in Alipay’s “Double Twelve Twelve” event.

Nowadays, commercial super -enterprises are unwilling to be snatched by convenience stores and e -commerce companies. How can we re -grab the guests and let consumers, especially young consumers fall in love with supermarkets, are the urgent problem of physical retail companies. Right now, it is still a way to cure people’s body, and to engage in a full -category discount promotion like e -commerce. From the perspective of the industry, as long as the strength and services of the promotion are stronger than e -commerce, they can attract customers to shop.

For merchants, adapting to such trend choices and Alipay cooperation are also a wise choice. Although commercial data may have the risk of loss, mobile payment can bring convenience to customers.

According to the relevant person in charge of China Resources Wanjia East District, since the 8 months of access to Alipay, China Resources Wanjia East District, the penetration rate of Alipay Mobile Pay in China Resources Wanjia’s hypermarket has reached 12%, while its VANGO convenience store penetration rate is even more Reach 34%. Retail giants such as Carrefour and Wal -Mart have also joined the cooperation queue with Alipay.

Of course, retailers are also relying on their own platforms to enhance customer experience, increase interaction, and increase sales. During the “Double Eleven” period, Bubie Gao Yun Monkey Network, supermarkets, department stores, electrical appliances from online to offline to provide consumers with affordable and convenient shopping experience. Since last year, is also serving the supermarkets, shopping malls and other services within the large business group, so that customers’ membership cards are based on platforms with stronger deep interaction of Tengu. Essence Liu Sijun said that the future Chamber of Commerce will realize big data and member marketing based on Terrant users.

“When physical retail companies are well integrated online and offline, the cost is controlled, the efficiency is improved, and a good customer experience prospect will be better.” Hu Chuncai believes that what cannot be ignored is that “wealth and rough” of similar matter beauty abandon Alipay. Subsidies for the “Double Twelve” promotion are still a few, and offline business should be more vigilant while helping Alibaba to promote word -of -mouth to enjoy the carnival.

Source: China Business News/Huang Rong

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