Don’t look down on domestic goods, these 8 skin care products, although less than 100, are really easy to use


One of the basic reasons for Chinese goods is because the price of domestic goods is too cheap. Maybe the older generation of consumption concept is more accustomed to the price of domestic goods and feels good for use. However, the consumption concept of the younger generation is accustomed to “one penny, one penny”, and feels that the quality of domestic goods is definitely not guaranteed, but in fact our old domestic products are all Chinese medicine ingredients, which is more suitable for our Oriental skin. More secure. In fact, it is mainly because everyone’s understanding of domestic goods is not clear enough. The following recommended these domestic products are old brands, which are very cost -effective and popular abroad!


Double sister

Maybe everyone thinks that domestic products do not have too many high -end products. The recommendation for you now is the domestic brand of high -end skin care products. It is the same as the Shanghai Jiajia Group with Yuze, which is one of the best high -end brands on domestic goods. In addition to packaging face value up ~ up ~ UP ~ thought. The sense of use is also superb, which adds French wild white pine as anti -aging ingredients to maintain your skin in targeted.

Baique Antelope Phoenix Glycerin No. 1

No one will be unfamiliar. After all, Baique Antelope is a Chinese brand brand from our childhood. The recommendation of this Baique Antelope Phoenix 1 is a very common glycerin that is very common in major supermarkets. The moisturizing effect is particularly good. It can be used all year round, especially in winter. When the skin and feet are dry and dry, the ordinary hydrating emulsion can’t hold it anymore. You must dispose glycerin and apply a touch of glycerin every day to ensure that your hands and feet are slippery and itching. And it can also be used for hair care oil. When you go out, you can use it as a cleansing oil when you need it. Is it very powerful?


Bid Ting Vitamin E milk

In the national skin care product rankings, the sales of this lotion in the market are still quite good. It is rich in various nutrients such as vitamin E, which can effectively moisturize and nutrition of the skin. , Moisturizing. The taste is average. Winning is not fragrance, good, cheap big can, not greasy, pursuit of health and nature can be used. The reason I like is no incense.


Yu Meijing

Everyone must know that this children’s cream has grown up with us from an early age. However, Yu Meijing can not only make children’s creams, they also have skin care products, Yu Meijing fresh milk moisturizing suets. This is more suitable for dry skin babies. It is very moisturizing in autumn and winter. Essence


Xie Fuchun duck egg powder

The packaging box of this duck egg powder also uses the early paper box, which has a beautiful picture on the box. Compared to the duck egg powder of lacquer wooden boxes, this one is more suitable for makeup and oil control, contains pearl powder and mung bean flour, does not contain heavy metals, and does not hurt the skin. After applying the foundation to the foundation, a layer of powder will be more delicate and more translucent. Even oil skin will not affect its effect, and it will not be stuck. But because the packaging is relatively simple, you need to match a piece of puff.



This is the legendary yellow fat man! I don’t know how many people know him, but he has a lot! He has won the Gold Award of the Second International Expo, so don’t underestimate domestic goods. This facial cleanser contains natural re -complex mites, and uses a new generation of mild skin cleaning raw materials, as well as other high -grade moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, which is mild and harmless to the skin. It can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of facial mites and balance the moisture of the skin. After washing your face, clean, refreshing, not dry and tight, the face is slippery, mothers will love it.


Long Lichu aloe sod honey

This brand has a long history in the country. This cream can deeply give the skin to sufficient nourishment. If you insist on using it for a period of time, it will make your skin more flexible. This product is very moisturizing, it feels non -greasy, the moisturizing effect is very good, and it is also very durable. The price is affordable and worth it. After applying it, the skin will not be so dry and support.

Golden essence

The high concentration gold foil contains this golden essence and gold foil is far more than the usual essence, and it adds a rich omnipotent essence to rich nutrition. Fix the skin well, dilute the acne marks, dull, strengthen the skin’s tightness and elasticity, hydrate and moisturize, brighten and white! Essence should be used in order to play a role. Generally, it is recommended to use it in the morning and evening. In the morning, it can play a role in supplementing nutritional components. It can play a role in repairing cells at night.


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