Why does your “stockings” look fake and earthy? These 3 details do not pay attention, how to wear it is cheap


With the stockings of the goddess of muse, this spring and summer must not be absent. What, you say the stockings are old? No, the rustic is not stockings, but your match. Learn to pay attention to these three details below, so that you will be a goddess from then on!

Three details: the overall unity, the natural sense of stockings, and the matching of shoes should be correct

Details 1: Keep unity

Why is your stockings wearing not only false, but also seemingly uncoordinated, it may be that you do not pay attention to the integrity of wearing stockings. Next, we will demonstrate the sisters from the most common black stockings and skin color stockings.

1. How to match the black silk?

Black stockings are suitable for matching items that are also dark colors.

When pairing with black silk, learn to maintain the unity of the overall tone in order to put stockings out of a sense of high level.

Light -colored black silk with dark brown denim boots, and the costumes are paired with a handsome black leather jacket with a dark blue denim skirt. The overall hue is dark, so is it not cheap with black silk?

Black silk is best to choose the same color system or shoes for matching, so that it will not look old and vulgar.


2. How to match white stockings?

In addition to black silk, white silk is also a special item this year. White stockings are more suitable for the style of lace design. Because lace has high requirements for craftsmanship,


Sisters choose light -colored white lace more likely to show cheap.

When paired with white silk, it is also recommended to choose and maintain uniform light -colored shoes.

The left side of the picture above with white silk with black leather shoes, it looks very obtrusive. There is no simple white silk with white Martin boots on the right.

3. How to match skin color stockings?

The selection of skin color stockings is much wider than black silk. Skin stockings are more suitable for simple and clean clothing. The simpler the clothing, the more it can highlight the overall texture.

Like the younger sister above, you can use a milk white denim jacket with a matching half skirt. The legs are stacked with skin tone stockings and white midskins.

Details 2: Do not choose “fake” stockings


Thunder Area 1. Avoid the sense of prosthesis


“Fake” is the topic that stockings can’t escape. If you want to wear stockings out of a sense, you must first have: fake!

For example, the light leg artifact that is very hot in autumn and winter, it is difficult for ordinary people to buy nature.

At this time, it is much higher than that of black silk and gray wire than light leg artifacts.

Skin stockings are more suitable for thin models that are close to skin tone.

At the same time, the thickness of stockings is also a place worth paying attention to.

Choose 30D ~ 60D stockings in spring and summer, the most natural,

This thick stockings can just show a certain skin color, it will not produce a “prosthetic sense”, and it will also give people a small sexy of “still hug the pipa half -cover”.

Thunder Area 2. Avoiding fluorescent, reflective, and colorful stockings

Although stockings look good, they cannot be elected. First of all, look at the color of stockings, such as red, purple, green and other uncommon color systems. Unless you have superb matching skills or supermodels, it is difficult for you to wear a sense of high -level.

Of course, you cannot choose other high -saturated high -brightness colors.

Also affecting the sense of stockings is also the material of the stockings itself. The stockings itself is not rustic.

But if you buy inferior stockings with uneven fiber silk and easy to hook silk, it is not a sense of high -level sense. Stockings should also avoid the style with reflection and printing design.


Who wears who wears old.

Thunder Area 3. Avoiding the grid is too small and the pattern is too densely dense

Sometimes, the right stockings pattern can increase the overall three -dimensional and delicateness, but it should be noted:

Stockings with printed blossoms, try to choose a style with large interval between patterns and dispersing distribution.

For stockings with hollow design such as fishing net socks,

Do not choose too much hollow and too small design.

The hollow of stockings is easy to leak out of the flesh of the legs. If you don’t want the meat to be squeezed out of the hollow area,

Then try to stay away from stockings with a large area of ​​hollow design.

Details three: Choose the right shoes

Thunder Area: Avoid uncoordinated shoes

Sweet shoes with stockings are also a very noteworthy point. Sisters must remember,

Not all skirts and shoes are suitable for stockings.


Putting down or shoes with stockings,


Choose high -heeled shoes, short boots, British style leather shoes with a stable style


Waiting is a good choice. But try to avoid the style of shoes such as sneakers and canvas shoes.

The correct way: Choose fresh and elegant shoes and stockings to match the least good.


With black elegance, exquisite white silk, low -key with skin color stockings.


It’s not the soil you will wear in the rustic stockings of stockings, but because you don’t choose and match stockings at all.

Stockings should pay attention to the overall unity, naturalness and suitable shoes to wear high -level and temperament.

There are no ugly and rustic stockings, only sisters who can’t wear. Learn the three tips of wearing stockings today to take you 2021 gorgeous pressure!