Fabric Nordic chair, create a small warmth of life!


The simplicity and warm Nordic fabrics introduce the natural style and diverse texture of Nordic life. Because of this, fabrics are widely used in Nordic design, not only sofas, carpets, pillows, etc., but also include chairs. And various types of Nordic style fabric chairs are not only very good, but also combined with the unique and simple sense of fabric, bringing unexpected warmth to daily life. The following fabric chairs must not be missed ~

1. Multi -purpose solid wood casual chair

The multi -purpose solid wood leisure chair can not only be used as a dining table and chair, but it can also read books, rest, and cool … The beautiful water of the beautiful water willow willow, the color difference is small, restore the artistic charm of pure solid wood. The arc back of the ergonomics, better support for the back, rounded corners, not only smooth and beautiful, but also not easy to bump. Knit Nutcott fabrics, the texture is better and more wear -resistant.

2. White oak casual chair

The following is equally popular. The natural combination of North White Oak and natural linen creates a safe and comfortable life enjoyment. 103 ° -112 ° The best back to the back, the arc design, breathable and healthy, comfortable to the back of the back. Solid wood base, pure oak, is solid and solid and durable. The wide and comfortable cushion is filled with a high -back sponge, which is more comfortable than the hard solid wood cushion ~


3. Nordic style fabric computer chair


In addition to ordinary fabric solid wooden chairs, computer chairs also have many fabric design. The gentle home fabric computer chair gives life pure simple feelings. Essence, hand -made cotton and linen cloth, and coarse granules, which enhances the breathability of the computer chair. The soft home style makes your body find a sense of comfort and relaxation. DIY’s head pillow and waist pillow can be adjusted according to the feelings of different people.


4. Fabeis chair


The following design is based on the design of the Imes chair, which adds fabrics, and the overall design is simple and small. Micro -changing back with a large -seated plate, filling high -elastic sponge internally, more in line with ergonomic design. The imported environmental cotton and linen cloth is prohibited and breathable, and the rotary turntable of 180 degrees is easier to use. Different chair color choices, play different styles ~

5. Little fresh fabric chair

Not just a simple and elegant style, the variability of the color of the fabric chair can create different home styles, such as pink blue design, which can create a minimalist and clear. The soft circular arc design, with fresh colors, while ensuring the overall simplicity, adds a cute feeling of furniture, which is very suitable for girls’ rooms.

6. Gray Japanese -style cloth chair

Japanese -style cloth chairs are very popular because they are simple and practical, and many families will choose. If you are a Japanese -style home enthusiast, then the following one cannot be missed. Multi -layer beyl wood design is matched with dark gray and thick hemp materials, creating a sense of tranquility of life. The hollow armrest design not only increases the applicability of the chair, but also increases the layered sense of appearance ~

Functional is the most important part of a chair, but in addition, the design can also add points to our lives. Hurry up and choose a fabric chair for yourself to create your own little warmth.