Zhao Wenzhuo’s wife is serious in the winter, wearing down jackets and fur caps, and a 10,000 -dollar package on her hand


There are countless warmth items in winter to choose from, but the most recommended is down jackets. However, if you want to wear down jackets into practical and fashionable effects, it also requires some wearing skills and methods. For some stars who often appear, they must not only consider the demeanor in winter, but also pay special attention to the importance of temperature. The dressing of down jackets has become a must -have.

Zhao Wenzhuo and his wife Zhang Danlu are in the winter seriously. Not only are he put on a heavy down jacket, but also stepping on the boots that look very bulky, but the degree of warmth is also obvious, especially Zhang Danlu chose a personalized fur hat hat It is very good to show my charming and tasteful side. Even the 10,000 yuan bags on their hands also echoed perfectly with wearing.

1. Zhao Wenzhuo seriously overwhelmed the man’s spirit

1. Black long down jacket is open and full of refreshing

In the impression of everyone, Zhao Wenzhuo has always been very manly. His winter dress is consistent with his charm. In order to avoid the sense of restraint, Zhuo Ge uses an open way to avoid the tightness brought by down jackets. Stretching,

Proper drawing design increases the proportion of body, keeping warm and fashionable.

2. Aep tongue cap with a sense of age reduction


Perhaps because the overall matching may be bloated and warm, Zhuo Ge uses a duck tongue cap with a wrapped head shape, which weakens the bulkyness brought by the plush snow boots, especially the down pants and turtleneck sweaters, light It looks very warm,

However, this method of dressing does only achieve practicality, which is not recommended for some men.

Second, Zhang Danlu seriously overwhelmed Winter Woman Fan’er

Leading single product: short patent leather down jacket

As a martial arts superstar Zhao Wenzhuo’s wife, Zhang Danlu’s daily life is naturally not weak. Even if he is wearing a bloated short patent leather down jacket, the whole person does not seem to reduce the domineering queen Fan Er.

Compared with her husband’s long down jacket, the short style shows its body advantage, and at the same time does not lose warmth, it is obtained.

Putting on highlights: fur hat, handbag

When choosing to match in winter, the emission of highlights is very important, especially in the processing of some accessories, you must not worry. Zhang Danlu is a fur hat with individual personality. The face of the white plush hat is very small, and it looks particularly feminine around Zhuo Ge.

And this 100,000 piece of patent leather pork liver red handbags make her noble woman’s temperament particularly significant.

Technical analysis: upper width and narrow coordination relationship

The most inseparable thing about down jackets is the control of skills. The width and narrow upper and lower are the most common matching techniques on the streets in winter. It can effectively avoid the overall bloated feeling, but also coordinate the overall weight relationship. ,,

The loose down jackets with slim down pants will keep warm and fashionable.

3. Sharing of knowledge points in winter

Putting on knowledge points 1: small area printing elements to create a highlight


It is recommended that you try more delicate accessories as embellishments when choosing down jackets.

Especially for middle -aged women, the silk scarves, scarves, and simple and high -end hats and bags of printed elements are the key to improving the taste of winter.


Wearing knowledge points two: focus on highlighting more fashionable sense


The so -called focus is on the use of color, elements, and styles


It is recommended that you focus on the down jacket and use the white, Burgundy red, and cream yellow with the fair and translucent skin. They combined with the classic wild black and white matching, which can visually impact. Real eyebrows.


Fashion summary:


1. Zhao Wenzhuo ’s serious behavior of the winter has made more people feel that winter is still better, but it is recommended that you do n’t ignore the fashionable effect while grasping the practicality.


2. In winter, everyone must pay more attention to keeping warm and preventing cold, prevent freezing measures, and do not blindly pursue the demeanor. It is most important to warm the winter.

I hope that every woman can find their own charm and flashing point all year round, and don’t let age restrict themselves!