18 sunscreens comparison evaluation: 6 sunscreens fail to meet the standards, recommend OHSUNNY, Miorer


I have to say that it is really magical in 2020 even longer than before. It has 40 days this year. Now there are “steaming and baking” models everywhere. Walking outside is afraid of being baked by strong ultraviolet rays.

For sun protection, everyone took out the killer, and the sunscreen was one of them. But the real sunscreen has a “threshold”. If it can’t be achieved, it is not as good as a common cloth.


In June 2020, the long -selling roads detected the 18 best -selling “sunscreen” products that claimed to have the function of “UV prevention” and “sunscreen”. Are you wearing it?

Test brand

Uniqlo, Decathlon, Boji, Pathfinder, Antarctic, Camel, Baotan, UV100, OHSUNNY, Jeep, Morima, Mali, VVC, Kaitle, Arctic Velvet

Test indicator

Safety indicator

: Formaldehyde, pH, and light -resistant sweat complex color fastness


: Anti -ultraviolet performance, breathability, humidity, identification


Test Results


Antarctic people, Arctic velvet, Jeep

And Tmall’s “sunscreen jacket” sells forward

Betton, Ximi, Bei Luke

The anti -ultraviolet performance of the six products does not meet the standard requirements, and it is not a true sunscreen.



Decathlon, Senma, Pathfinder


The breathability is lower than the autumn and winter trench coat, and it may be boring in summer.


Antarctic people, camels, VVC, Jeep, Kaile Stone, Betton, Behindo, Ximi

8 product labels do not meet the requirements.

4. All 18 sunscreens have passed safety testing.

5. Comprehensive performance and safety test, in this sunscreen evaluation

Ohsunny, Mioreri

It is worth recommending.

Antarctic people, Arctic velvet, and Jeep “do not sunscreen”, low -cost explosion “sunscreen jackets” need to be vigilant

The textile industry standard FZ/T 74007-2019 “Outdoor Sunscreen Skin Clothes” requires that outdoor sunscreen skin clothes produced by thin textile fabrics as the main fabric, its ultraviolet protective coefficient UPF> 40, long wave UVA’s transmission rate T (UVA ) AV <5%, when the above requirements are met, it can be called “anti -ultraviolet product”.

The results of the 18 “sunscreen” test showed,

The three types of anti -ultraviolet -proof did not meet the standard requirements, and the sun protection was “lonely”.





The measured value of the skin jacket is only 35, and

Arctic velvet, Jeep

The UVA transmission rates were as high as 13.49%and 26.71%, respectively, and the limit of more than 5%was several times. The UPFs of the two were only 8.09 and 4.26, which was far lower than the standard specified 40.

▲ Antarctic skin, Tmall flagship store sales page

▲ Arctic velvet skin clothing Jingdong flagship store sales page

▲ Jeep men’s light windbreaker Tmall flagship store sales page

In addition, the sales volume of “sunscreen” on the Tmall platform is high and the price is cheap

Bei Luke, Ximi, Botaton

“The whole army is overwhelmed”, and the three products are not in line with the requirements of UV prevention.

None of the above products can be called “sunscreen”. It is really “just wore a piece of cloth than them”. Remember to pay attention when consumers buy.

In the test of this sunscreen performance, the long -term cotton T -shirt was added to compare the cotton T -shirt. The result was unexpected. The anti -ultraviolet performance of this ordinary T -shirt was not only higher than the standard requirements. %Of the sunscreen clothes throw out a few streets, including Uniqlo, Decathlon, Camel, Kaile Stone and other big names.

Decathlon, Senma, and Pathfinder are extremely breathable

It is not enough to meet the requirements of sun protection. The clothes worn on the hot day must be refreshing and breathable, otherwise sweaty sticks to the skin will not be uncomfortable.

At present, there is no clear requirements for the breathability of sunscreen products in China. Other textiles, such as the brainless bra, require that the breathability rate is greater than 75 mm/s, and the standard for knitted heating underwear is greater than 180 mm/s. The FZ/T 81010-2018 “Wind Clothes” stipulates that its breathable rate is ≤50mm/s. Because the windbreaker is used to block the wind, the smaller the breathable rate is.

Generally, clothing with permeability greater than 180 mm/s has excellent breathability, and the breathability rate is greater than 75mm/s. When wearing, you can feel comfortable and not sultry.

The results show that the 7 “sunscreen” is higher than 180mm/s.

Ximei, Bei Luke, Miorer, Ohsunny, Jeep


Five of them are even more breathable than all cotton T -shirts.


The three breathability is only 11.7, 19.8, 42.8mm/s, and even 50mm/s can not reach it. The breathability is extremely poor. It is so strict and lower than the windshield of the windshield.

He has always spared no effort to promote the “excellent breathability” of his own sunscreen clothes on its online official sales page.

▲ Decathlon eggplant shirt Tmall flagship store sales page

▲ Samma Women’s Jacket Tmall flagship store sales page


▲ Pathfinder men’s TIEF skin clothes Tmall flagship store sales page

Xie Guangyin, a professor at the School of Textile and Materials of Xi’an University of Engineering: “The very popular skin jackets now have a light and thin effect while sunscreen. Most of them use coating, which will definitely affect the breathability of clothing.”

In response to the result of the poor breathability of the Decathlon eggplant shirt tested this time, its dealer Di Mai (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. replied: “At present, there is no uniform national standard. The collected consumer feedback has not received the discomfort caused by the breathable problem in the feedback. “

In addition to breathable, sunscreen also requires a certain amount of humidity. Good sunscreen clothing can not only prevent UV, but also quickly export sweat out of the surface of the fabric, and quickly dry.

FZ/T 74007-2019 “Outdoor Sunscreen Skin Clothes” requires that the moisture permeability of sunscreen clothes should be ≥3000 G/(㎡ · 24h).


The 18 products detected this time have a humidity rate of more than 3000 g/(㎡ · 24h), and the lowest is 8240 g/(㎡ · 24h). It has good humidity function and does not have to worry about sweating.

Three best -selling sunscreen labels are messy

The label on the clothing is one of the important parts of the product. As the “ID card” of the clothes, the accurate label information can truly and clearly reflect the performance, use and maintenance method of the product, which represents the characteristics of the product. The promise of the person.

At present, the label of clothing products should meet the relevant requirements of GB 5296.4-2012 “Part 4: Textiles and Clothing” and GB 18401-2010 “National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications”.

The formal clothing logo must include: (1) the name and address of the manufacturing enterprise; (2) the product name; (3) product number type or specifications; (4) fiber composition and content; (5) maintenance method; (6) Product standards for execution; (7) Safety category and other content.

The product number type or specifications, fiber composition and content, and maintenance methods must be marked on durability labels, so that consumers can still obtain corresponding information from durability tags during the long -term use of purchases.

The test results of the 18 “sunscreen” label specifications show that nearly half of the products do not comply with relevant regulations.

And Tmall’s sales are very high

Betton, Bei Luke, Ximei

The three products, the logo is a mess, the durability label is extremely simple, it does not meet the requirements at all, and some even do not even have trademarks and tags.

▲ The only label on the whole body of Ximei Bingshi sunscreen

Therefore, “online shopping needs to be cautious, follow the trend”, don’t blindly believe in sales, and don’t be fascinated by “beautiful prices”. Instead of buying so -called Internet celebrities and explosive products with tentative psychology, it is better to choose a big brand. The quality is relatively more guaranteed.

However, there are also cases of “expensive and not necessarily good goods”. For example, Jeep, which is evaluated, is 279 yuan, sunscreen is not good, and the label signs are not standardized. When you buy, you must polish your eyes and do your homework. Do n’t buy it blindly if you are exposed to the sun ~

Little suggestion

1. When selecting sunscreen, remember to check the execution standard and check whether the product standards are explicitly showed on the tag. The current standard of the national standard is GB/T 18830-2009.

2. Furthermore, check whether the UV index value is explicit: UPF value. Generally speaking, the larger the UPF value, the better the anti -ultraviolet effect. GB/T 18830-2009 The requirements are required to be marked as UPF> 40, and the T (UVA) AV <5%can be called anti-ultraviolet products. Therefore, try to choose a sunscreen with UPF 40+ or ​​50+ logo. If you are worried about the merchant’s deficiency, you can refer to the results of this measurement results.

3. If you have high requirements for sunscreen, choose red or other dark sunscreens under the premise of sunscreen logo to avoid wearing a white sunscreen with fluorescent whitening agents. The effect will be greatly reduced.

4. The translucent “skin jacket” or “sunscreen” popular on the market is mostly to add ultraviolet coating to achieve the purpose of sunscreen. The sun protection effect decreases with the number of washing times. it is good.

5. “Skin Clothing” does not mean “sunscreen”. Some skin clothes do not have sunscreen functions. Do not be misled by merchants.


[Special Statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.


Antarctic people, Arctic velvet, Jeep

Decathlon, Senma, Pathfinder

Decathlon, Senma, Pathfinder