Fashionable and thin -leg jumpsuit, elegant temperament and beauty


Fashionable and thin -leg jumpsuit, elegant temperament and beauty, help you wear one meter and eight gas field! The little fairies are not fast to see.


A bit gentle, a bit elegant intellectual jumpsuit, sweet and age -reducing fashion printing, refreshing and sexy, simple and thin detail embellishment, thin waist, loose and non -tight wide -leg pants, medium and long cut cutting It looks clean and neat, with sandals with high travel and thin!


Loving back high -waisted lattice suspender pants

The plaid suspender jackets, plaid straps, pants, small buttons are dotted gently on the oblique shoulder, just the right details and moving people’s hearts, the back of the chest and chest collar, showing a slender neck and personality collarbone. Beauty!

Slim sleeveless printed chiffon jumpsuit

Fashionable sleeve jackets, waist, thin, fashionable sleeveless jacket, fashionable tall person’s thin leg pants pants. Loose drooping printed wide -leg pants and feet. It is easier to control and show elegance. Exquisite printing, belt waist, to create a sense of proportions, and more beautiful body beauty.

Temporary tight waist strap printed jumpsuit


The suspender printed jumpsuit suspender printed jumpsuit, the velvet shoulder strap is tied with a bow as you want, there is a kind of gentleness of a little woman, the suspender model is not hot in summer. , Go to the beach for vacation, it is also suitable for you to travel beautifully!

Waist lace fresh wide -leg casual pants skirt

The wave dot conjoined wide -leg pants elegant and thin wave dot jumpsuit, sexy one -shoulder round collar design, modify the neck curve, and more feminine charm. The drooping chiffon fabric, the red and white wave point elements of the watch, are playful. The hot wide -leg pants shape, thin and tall on the upper body. Easily wear one meter and eight atmosphere!


Bohemia seaside holiday with wide legs

The seaside holiday pants Posamian seaside vacation, wide -leg pants, fresh and elegant green floral floral, giving people a cold sense of visual, good breathable chiffon fabric, cool and comfortable on the upper body, comfortable, wearing wearing, wearing wearing It will show the goddess fan, release your charm, and show the modern temperament of urban women!


High -waist vertical wide -leg pants wave dot jumpsuit

High -waisted vertical jumpsuit high waist vertical wide -leg pants wave dot jumpsuit, sexy age -reducing V -neck colors color collar design, thin waist cut cut, slim lace stitching bow and waist design to create gold The proportion of the body highlights the slim and small waist, loose and comfortable print wide leg pants, highlighting the stylish gas field, and easily putting out one meter eight large air fields.

Well, after reading so many clothes, I believe everyone has a new understanding, open the new door! Learn more dressing skills every day to make you more tasteful.