Glass, ceramic, silicone, stainless steel, straw, which material is healthier?


Now many work of work to solve lunch is nothing more than ordering takeaway, going to restaurants, and bringing meals by themselves.


There are many benefits to bring meals. They can match food more reasonably, what they want to eat, and choose ingredients, make delicious food, and rest assured. This is a manifestation of life.

But good rice still needs a good lunch box, there are on the market

Glass, ceramic, silicone, plastic, straw, stainless steel and other materials

Which lunch box should be sold, which one should I choose?

Don’t worry, we bought different materials from the Internet, all sent to the laboratory for testing.

Spending this time: The test fee (public price) 10646 yuan +sample fee 429.74 yuan = 11075.74 yuan.


Next, we will from

Material, actual use experience

Let’s talk about the results of this evaluation. interested

Different material rice boxes are suitable for use scenarios

Friends, you can decline directly to the end of the answer.

1. What are these lunch boxes?

In our common lunch boxes, there are more glass and ceramics. These materials are very distinguished and there are no special pits. But there are some materials, it is difficult for us to distinguish.

When we purchase lunch boxes this time, we found that there are many magical materials, such as the following:


Stainless steel is stainless steel, but …



304 stainless steel


304 stainless steel is the most used in food contact materials. It has good corrosion resistance, high prices, and relatively safe components. It is very suitable for putting food.

We tested the 4 and 8 rice boxes.

The results are as follows:

They are not 304 stainless steel, and they are a little lazy in materials. And according to the ingredients, both of them belong to the high manganese content.


No. 5 stainless steel is 316, and there is no problem.


There are straws in straw, but …

The composition of plastic PP occupies


The reason why straw has been admired by everyone is that it feels environmentally friendly and healthy, it looks pretty good, and the material is light.

But the results measured by our laboratory this time are surprising:


What we call straw, that is, the components of plant fibers such as wheat, are only 3%.

This is a straw lunch box, obviously

Plastic lunch box wearing a straw shell


Is there a problem with the lunch of the lunch box?


The materials of the lunch boxes of glass and ceramics are fine, but the lids are plastic, and some have silicone rings, which can also be tested.

So we put all glass, ceramics, and stainless steel lunch boxes, together with silicone and plastic rice boxes, put them in the laboratory for soaking tests.

It can be seen from the test results that the value of the plastic lunch box of wheat straw models is high.

However, from the comparison of the national standard value, the results of these lunch boxes are still OK.


2. Actual use test

After the detection material, it has reached a more important actual operation link.

For the current Lan Rice family, no matter what material is a lunch box, there will be two doubts:

Can it be heated in a microwave oven? Will it spill on the road?

Let’s solve it ~

Can it be heated in a microwave oven?

The lunch box we bought, except for stainless steel models, can be heated in the microwave oven.

In the material detection above, we have got the result,

The total migration volume is within the scope of safety

You can rest assured.

We compared the heating speed of each material:

On the whole, there is no difference between these lunch boxes rising at temperature.

We can judge initially

The materials and thickness of the lunch box have little effect on the results of the heating of the microwave oven

Will it spill on the road?


The bitterness of the workers, on the road, on the bus, on the subway … Maybe I would fall asleep a little in the morning, and they had to transform into the sun that boasted the father, the mother, and chased the company to check in the sun.

This is inevitable that bumps, shake and dump all the way.

The real good lunch box should fight side by side with the owner.

So we put water in the lunch box to add water to all the pose that may happen on the lunch box:

1. Shake up and down 20 times in hand

These lunch boxes are very strong, without any water dripping out.

2. Handheld and flip

At this step, there were problems with a few lunch boxes.

Green straw rice rice cricket box has water leakage

In the process of flipping, the liquid inside continued to drop.

Silicone rice box is leaked from water


, And because the silicone rice box is not hard, it is not set. We imitated the squeezing situation and found that the water inside was messy …


Other performances are not bad.

There are some of the lunch boxes without buckle, and the merchants will suggest that you do not cover when the meals are hot.


We tested it for a while, after adding boiling water in the corresponding lunch box, the lid is indeed

Unable to seal

, Being up.

The friends who have seen our overnight dish evaluation should remember that our suggestion is

After the meal is out of the pot, put it in a hot box to put the refrigerator


Then this kind of lunch box without buckle is not too friendly.

You can view the overnight dish evaluation:

Can I eat overnight? Tell you with actual detection data

We asked some younger brothers and sisters who brought rice in the company. They mentioned a unified confusion, that is, every time we need to buy/new lunch box, we spend their eyes. I do n’t know what lunch box is suitable for me.

We sorted on the market

Common lunch box material

Come and sort out everyone, I hope to help everyone.

As for the straw lunch box, it is not too recommended.

No matter what material lunch box, it is recommended that everyone

Buy from regular channels

, Preferably

Sealed negative pressure

There is any



Taking rice is a very good thing. I hope our lunch box evaluation+science popularization can add bricks to your beautiful life.