The baby must have the “big piece” -a rocking chair, which can coax the baby and liberate the hands


The baby must have the “big piece” -a rocking chair, which can coax the baby and liberate the hands

Today, I will share with you a coaxing artifact that liberates parents’ hands -rocking chair, which is especially suitable for a treasure mother who takes a baby at home. It is really tired to bring a baby alone and often have back pain. And babies will often stick to you, and they can’t get time to do other things at all.

However, with the rocking chair, you will be much easier. Put your baby on it, and he will follow the rocking chair to play by himself. You don’t need to worry about it. Today, I will organize eight popular rock chairs for evaluation. I hope it will be helpful to you. Essence


Recommended high -quality rocking chair:

babycare electric shake chair


BabyCare’s brand believes that everyone should have heard of it. This is also an old brand. For their mother and infant products, I am still very assured, so I started decisively. I found that functionality and cost -effectiveness are pretty good. Tu Dang, also bring music, put your baby on it, you can entertain yourself.


Peidi bear baby shake chair

Pei Xiong is really comfortable lying on it on it. It is very comfortable, because it is combined by peach skin velvet and cation, but the seat is a bit small, which is more suitable for young children.

Maruya baby shake chair

Maruya baby rocking chair was started when I was stocking during pregnancy. At that time, it was completely considering its face value before deciding to buy. This electric rock chair adopted a five -gear adjustment design, but its weight was a bit “touching”. It’s too heavy ~~ It’s not very friendly to Baoma, and it is not convenient to store and carry.

Keyi Baby shake chair

Youbi brand influence is also dazzling. For the quality of his products, you can buy it with confidence. This baby rock chair is adjusted at five gear, but I personally think that the price / performance ratio is not too high, and the price is a bit expensive.


GHz baby shake chair

This rocking chair has ultra -soft crystal+cation. The perfect combination is very exciting, but the slope is 27 degrees, which is not very kind to the baby’s spine.

baby boat baby rock chair

This rocking chair I want to recommend it to everyone. First of all, the design of this rocking chair completely considers the baby’s bones, which can protect the spine well. It is also convenient to travel with a variety of power supply. You can arrange it at will ~~

Katie Elf Baby Shake chair


The center of gravity of the Katie elf baby rocking chair is very stable, because the rocking chair is a paint steel pipe, which is very stable there, but at the same time accompanied by heavy.

NUNA baby shake chair

NUNA baby rocking chair is a gangster rocking chair. It is not recommended to use the baby to use the baby alone.

American 4MOMS Baby Shake Chair

The texture of the 4MOMS rocking chair is really good. The switching of any swing is still very good, but the price is a bit expensive.

Mengregg baby shake chair

Mengree Girkiba is also a artifact to start with a closed eyes. It has anti -shock and safety buckle. Don’t worry about turning over and falling. There is also a full -wrapped mosquito net. When you use it in summer, you don’t have to worry about your baby will be bitten by mosquitoes. Essence


For details, I will share with you here. The above models can choose according to their functions and cost -effectiveness. I will not give you one by one in detail. You can choose according to the picture information.

Mastela baby rock chair

Aibadira baby shake chair

Ppimi baby rock chair

Yaye Ge Baby Shake chair


Hot MOM Baby Shake chair

Aobei Babies Children’s Shake Chair


It’s here to share this issue ~~ The shaking chair can really liberate the parents’ hands, and the baby listened to the music on it, and he can also lie on it to sleep ~~

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