Is the air fryer’s cooking is not healthy enough and can it cause cancer?


Is the air fryer’s cooking is not healthy enough and can it cause cancer?

Rumors: The food cooking food is unhealthy, and it may also produce carcinogens.

Truth: In general, the cooking food of air fried pot is even healthier than fried and oven. With less air -frying pots for carbohydrates, it can reduce the production of carcinogens.

As the name implies, the natural “air frying pot” is naturally inseparable from “air”. It makes sense to use “air” to fry food. Let’s understand its working principles together.

Compared to the traditional oven, heating pipe heats up the temperature of the oven cavity. The air frying pot uses fast air technology. After the pot has heating pipes and fans, after the heating pipe is heated, the fan will accelerate the air flow. Each cycle cycle will be accelerated. Each cycle cycle will be All air is forced to make the entire space hot and take away the water in the food through the surface of the food and heater.

The rapid air flow inside the air frying pot transmits heat to all parts and sides of the food at high intensity, and can penetrate a bunch of thick foods.

The radiation part from the heater penetrates into the depths of the food surface in the distant and infrared range. This combination leads to a very high heat transfer rate and can produce a cooking effect that is equivalent to fried.

Simply put, it can be understood as “air” with high temperature “air” as a medium to “explode”



Compared with the traditional oven, the same food air frying pot is used less time, lower energy consumption, less oil/or even no oil.


Many friends usually like to eat foods (fried or baked) with “crispy skin”. The crispy and crispy taste makes people “drool” because baking or fried Claim and crispy taste. But while enjoying deliciousness, many friends will also worry about taking too much calories and fats. For example, the oil absorption rate of fried fish is 13%, and the oil absorption rate of fried bread is as high as 80%.

The emergence of air frying not only meets people’s desire to enjoy food, but also achieves it.

Non -oil cooking

Essence Because you can achieve the same taste when you use air -frying pot to make foods with high fat content.

Bake out the oil contained in the food to reduce the fat content

For example, pork belly, chicken legs, chicken wings, etc.

The oil in the air frying pan is fried from fried ingredients | Tuwa Creative

And some studies have shown that air fried fried chicken willow can retain more vitamin B1 than traditional fried chicken willow. The loss of air fried cooker chicken willow vitamin B1 is 9.4%, while traditional fried chicken willow vitamin B1 loses 19.9%; relative Compared to fried chicken willow, the degree of oxidation of air fried chicken willow willow willow oil is also lower.

From this point of view, it is still healthy to replace fried foods with air fried pots occasionally. However, there are rumors that foods made of air frying pots can cause cancer because acrylamide is produced, and acrylamide is a carcinogen. So, is it really carcinogenic with air fryer?

When it comes to acrylamide, there is actually no need to be so afraid of it. Acrylamide, as a carcinogenic carcinogen, has confirmed that it will cause animal cancer, but the evidence of carcinogenic carcinogenic is limited. Moreover, it is not only occurring acrylamide when using an air fryer. When we usually cook foods rich in carbohydrates, this substance will be produced as long as the cooking temperature is greater than 120 degrees. For example, potato chips, bread, cakes, fritters and other foods. The higher the temperature, the longer the time, and the less moisture, the more acrylamide produced.

In fact, ordinary fried methods also generate acrylamide | Tuwa creative

Moreover, the air fryer may be less than the acrylamide produced normally. Experiments show that the content of acrylamide produced by air fried pot chicken willow is less, only 50%of the traditional fried chicken oralide content.

Therefore, for friends who like to eat fried food, air frying is really a better choice. If you want to reduce the intake of acrylamide, then bake less starch


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