Where do I need to use adhesive lining?


Where do I need to use adhesive lining?

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Position of adhesion lining

做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

The adhesive lining is a kind of hot melting glue, and it is one of the auxiliary materials often used in fabric production. The bonding lining is attached to the back of the fabric by heating and ironing. When the fabric needs to be expressed and thick, the thickness can be reflected by adding a bonding lin.

The selection of the adhesive lining should be determined according to the fabric of the clothes.

做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

Common clothing needs to be stuck::


Collar, cuffs, bag lid, door tube, sleeve and fork, linsei.


做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

The collar, front, placket, bag cover, cuffs, and sleeves need to be lined.

做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

Take a suit as an example

做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

The place where the women’s suit needs to be sticky is in order,

Hanging noodles, front, front side films

Essence Among them, the noodles and the predecessor need to be all sticky. The front slices only need to stick 4-6cm lining at the sleeve cage to make the sleeve cage do not deform. About 1cm lining around the pocket. (As shown in the shadow part above)

The rear mid-line is about 10cm to the side of 5-6cm. The hem and the split are also sticky.

10cm and 4-6cm in the side of the big sleeve are round lining, the small sleeves are lined with 4-5cm down, and the cuffs are sticky

All collars are lined, and the collar lining can be used with oblique wires, noodles can be used with straight or horizontal wires

做衣服 哪些地方需要使用粘合衬?

Sticking at the pocket

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