Do you need a film for the window glass?


Many families now give the window film, so whether the window glass should be a film, let PCHOUSE explain to you today.

There are many benefits to the window glass, and the benefits of window glass films:

1. The effect of the insulation and thermal insulation of the glass film is very good. In the curtains, no matter how good the material is, there is no way to achieve the heat insulation effect. Every summer, the performance will be more obvious.


2. The glass film can be very well -to beolate ultraviolet rays, so as to better protect the floor in the home. Furniture such as sofas will not fade, or even aging. These are not available for curtains.

3. Even if the glass film is posted on the window, you can see the scene outside, but if you use the curtains, as long as the curtains are pulled up, the sight will be blocked. If you want to see the outside, you can only pull the curtains away. That’s it.

4. In terms of price, the cost of glass film is basically between dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Compared with curtains, the price of curtains will be much more expensive. In addition to the main product, it also needs to be needed, but it also needs to be Buy a lot of accessories to match with curtains.