Grandma flower sling with high waist hot pants, step on ultra -thick leopard shoes, instantly increased by 10cm


For many girls, how to wear a sense of fashion has become a topic that they are very concerned about, especially for many “street tide people”, how to successfully wear it to avoid becoming a “passers -by” in the eyes of others. But for many wearing “little white”, they don’t know how to match. Today, I will talk to you about the problem of fashion wear. Grandma flower sling with high waist hot pants, step on ultra -thick leopard shoes, instantly increased by 10cm.

People’s aesthetics are also affected by the environment and experience. It is difficult to ensure that everyone likes their clothes. Of course, beautiful girls still have great advantages. Come up.


This beauty chose a black camon as the upper body, using high -end fabric design, the collar adopts the high -necked design style, the most personalized is the button of the top, with the design style of the cheongsam, which can not only show the charming collarbone, but also bring it with it. Come a kind of personality. The sleeves on both sides of the top are sleeveless design, showing the unique beauty of the beautiful arm.


It is worth mentioning that in the waist of the top, there is a waist design, which can show the waist waist, but also bring a kind of khaki shorts to the lower body of the elegant beauty. Can show the straight legs of beautiful women, and bring a youthful vitality.


At the same time, the beautiful women’s feet are paired with a pair of 6 cm high shoes. The shoe helper uses high -end fabric design, which can not only lengthen the body proportion of the beauty, but also release a unique beauty when walking.

Wearing it is a very challenging thing. It can not only show our beautiful gesture, but also expand our charm and make us more confident. If you like Xiaobian’s article, you may wish to pay attention to Xiaobian, share practical dressing skills every day, the next issue is more exciting!