In 2020, 90 % of the IKEAs are recommended, and I recommend 9 most “luxury” IKEAs IKEA


In 2020, 90 % of the IKEAs are recommended, and I recommend 9 most “luxury” IKEAs IKEA

When it comes to home decoration, it feels great to get a beautiful furniture accessories, and in the eyes of mass consumption, there is no place to be more suitable than IKEA.

IKEA is every designer. I like to “shopping” the most, because many female designers like Xiaodong Xiaoxi, and IKEA must be a good place for purchasing. In fact, I prefer IKEA’s unlimited cups of coffee.

IKEA has always appeared in the eyes of the public at the price of the people, but when you taste it yourself, you will also find that there are many “luxury” furniture that can extract those extraordinary things from ordinary. This process is to pay attention to small details. , A chic color, a cool texture, a sharp smoothness, or a high -quality material, for example, a real wood or leather.

It takes time and perseverance to find the needle in dry grass piles. In order to help you save trouble, here I recommend nine most “luxury” IKEA. I saw it for a whole year. Now it’s time to grab them on them. I moved home before leaving.


Bira Bed Head Cabinet


What is the IKEA’s bedside table in your imagination? You have a black or white square particleboard with a basic round drawer handle, or there is no at all, right? Okay, surprise! There are better recommendations here, which is made of solid birch, which is characterized by a fashionable rounded bedside table.

Guidance price: 450 yuan

RANARP floor lamp


The smooth white design, with a golden mouth edge. This adjustable light is quite matched in the corner of the reading chair or sofa. It guides the light to illuminate a book downward, or turns it to the ceiling. Bath the entire room.


Guidance price: 399 yuan

Craft porcelain bowl

Are you tired of the white plate you use every day? This dark blue ceramic bowl has a groove with a groove. Have you ever used it? The most attractive part of them is that they are very cheap. They are a person who can dress up your dining table without spending a lot of money.


The beautiful pink version of porcelain bowl is like a collection.

Buy: 18 yuan

Rotating chair

The tilt shape, cream beige, full rotation function, simple and fashionable. However, under the same price, you can only buy an office chair with less fashionable black mesh in other furniture malls. If you plan to upgrade your office I don’t know which one will you choose?


Buy: 599 yuan

Knitted stool


This blue knitted bench is not common in the living room. Not only does it look high -end, but after work, use it as a rest or extra seat or a table on the side, or a tray on the top of the top of the tray Essence

Buy: 590 yuan


Stan Gelu carpet


Gray, excessive dyeing carpet looks like a pair of ink paintings, and this high -quality carpet cost is much cheaper than most other brands of the same kind. Decoration of the bench or bedroom.

Buy: 890 yuan

Combination table

The three combined side tables are from shallow to deep. When the table is nested, the smallest one will hide your remote control and other small gadgets, which is very convenient.




Blue and white bowl

When you do not use these beautiful blue and white porcelain bowls for ice cream, nuts or condiments, they are unsatisfactory. They are the most suitable for display on open shelves, not only practical, but also higher appreciation value.

Buy: 70 yuan four

Acacia wooden dining table

Not all IKEA dining tables are equal. According to customer reviews on the website, this product inspired by industry is higher than all other evaluations. It can accommodate eight seats. It is made of real acacia wood, and it can naturally resist scratches and stains.

“My dining table has been praised by everyone. They all think that my dining table has spent more than 100,000!” A netizen posted.


Buy: 4000 yuan

At the end

The nine IKEA products recommended by it were called the most “luxury” IKEA, not because he was expensive, but because he was most attractive and best improved the home space.

Product Recommendation: high back full mesh black office mesh chair