The woman in white staged the “mystery operation” in the home improvement store, and the price card was pulled out


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In the home improvement store, a young woman wearing white clothes pretended to look at the mobile phone while pretending that the clerk was not prepared to pull all the price cards in the store in the store. The woman went away. On March 4, Miss Li, an employee of a clothing store in Huaiji County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, told Jimu Journalists that they did not understand why the woman had such a weird action.

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The surveillance video of the Internet shows that in a overall home improvement store, various products such as cabinet doors are placed. A white woman came in from the side door and walked along this row of cabinets. The woman pretended to be looking at the mobile phone on the left, but her right hand kept sticking to the door of the cabinet, pulling the price card above. Later, she came to the front desk that was unattended for the time being, and flipped 180 degrees of wealth cats placed on the counter to let it go to the door. She also flipped the calculator and other things on the computer desk next to her. At this time, the female clerk in the store noticed that there was a difference, walking towards her, and the woman hurriedly left the store and went away.

Jimu reporters learned that the incident happened in the overall home improvement store in a shopping mall in Huaiji County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Miss Li, an employee of the shop, told Jimu Journalists that the incident happened at 8 pm on March 1. At that time, there were no customers in the store, and only two colleagues were on duty. The woman was still carrying a paper bag in her left hand and came in from the side door. The clerk did not notice it. After the clerk discovered the woman’s strange move, the woman ran away.

“She is a raw face and younger.” Ms. Li said that after checking the monitoring of the mall, she found that she was carrying a women’s paper bag, which may have just bought clothes in the mall. Because there were no items in the store, the woman’s move did not bring any losses, and the shop did not investigate the matter later. Miss Li said that she and her colleagues did not understand why the woman did this, and she may have the habit of this aspect.

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