The 45.5 billion kitchen appliance market ushered in a new air outlet, who would be the next explosion after the air frying pot?


The 45.5 billion kitchen appliance market ushered in a new air outlet, who would be the next explosion after the air frying pot?

The main points of this article

1. Multi -functional air fried pot market overview:

In 2021, his sales on Tmall Taobao were 3.71 million units, with sales of 2.818 billion yuan, an increase of 92.28%year -on -year.

2. Competitive pattern:


At present, the multi -functional air frying track is very crowded, the technical barriers and thresholds are relatively low. The TOP4 brand is comparable, and the gap between the backward gradually widen.

3. Reasons for hot:

The air frying pot supports oil -free cooking is healthier, and multi -functional integration is more convenient. At the same time, the “home economy+lazy economy+single economy+healthy economy” trend is overlapping. Essence

4. Future trends:


The cooking machine is expected to become the next air fryer. Intelligent, integrated, embedded, multifunctional, multi -functional, kitchen appliances and other machines will inevitably become a new trend of kitchen appliances.

Under the trend of young consumption, “exquisite laziness” has become the most prominent feature of post -90s, 95s and 00s. After getting up, use an electric toothbrush, go out with Didi, takeaway at noon, go home for smart kitchen utensils for cooking, intelligent intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, smart Cleaning appliances can be completely integrated and automated even the multiple complicated operations of makeup.

In limited income and relatively small living space, multifunctional integration has attracted more and more attention.


GFK market research shows that 58%of users agree with multi -functional products, which is 71%among high -end users.

The trend of multifunctional integration is more significant in the domestic kitchen appliances. Among them, integrated stoves are representative categories of multifunctional integration. The market size shows a strong growth momentum during the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 and 2021.

The annual retail sales have been nearly 25 billion yuan.

According to the data of “2021 China Integrated Kitchen Appliances Development Trends”, only 32.4%of consumers do not know about integrated kitchen appliances at all, 47.3%of consumers have a basic understanding of integrated kitchen appliances.

23.3%of consumers are using integrated kitchen appliances.

It can be seen that integrated kitchen appliances have a higher market awareness. With the elimination of old appliances,

The consumption potential of multi -functional integration kitchen appliances is huge.

Data source: Aowei Cloud Network, China Commercial Research Institute, Huajing Industrial Research Institute, China Research Pwa Industrial Research Institute, GFK

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Kitchen Electric Circuit


Multi -functional integration concept

Determined anatomy.


The overall market size of multi -functional integration kitchen appliances

Integration is a trend and an opportunity. In recent years, the demand for consumption upgrades that have been released have driven the kitchen appliance industry to high -quality and high -end development, and the market popularization of integrated kitchen appliances has been continuously improved. According to Ovi Cloud Network’s “Top Ten Forecasts in the Chinese Kitchen and Bathroom Market in 2022”,

The advantages of integrated products, high cost performance and other advantages are still maintained, and there is a further replacement relationship on the market demand side.

“Integrated Kitchen Electricity” still has a large consumption toughness and vast market space, and has become an important force for the reform and development of the traction kitchen appliance market.

In 2021, products with multi -functional integration attributes sold 146 million pieces on the Tmall Taobao platform, and the cumulative sales were

45.518 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%year -on -year,

About 20 % of online home appliances will advertise the characteristics of “multi -function, integration, and all -in -one”. The most representative integrated stove’s online sales scale exceeds 5 billion yuan. The core advantage is reflected in the following aspects:

High spatial utilization rate, realize functional modularization, meet the personalization needs of consumers;

Half of the absorbing distance, the effect of oil -controlling fume is strong, and the net absorption rate of oil fume is as high as 95%;

Noise reduction capacity, health index, oil fume separation and other performance improvement.

Data source: magic mirror market information


In addition to integrated stoves, the traditional category of rice cookers has already entered the stock market. In 2021, the multi -function rice cooker still achieved a scale of 15.5%. At the same time, air frying pots with “healthy cooking” and “functional integration” attributes created sales It has nearly doubled at a high speed; categories such as electric pressure cookers, tea makers, and micro -steaming grilled machines have also maintained rapid growth.


The increase in the market for multi -functional air fried pots is expected, and small appliances will penetrate in the fourth and fifth -tier cities in the future

“If you have an air fryer …” When this sentence sounds, you will never guess what it is fried inside. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the air frying pot has become the most popular consumer small appliances, fried chicken wings, french fries, grilled egg tarts, grilled yogurt, raisins, dried flowers … For a while, everything can be fry.

How hot is the air fryer? Look at the following set of data: in Douyin,

Topic#话 话#5.75 billion times,#话 话 话#4.26 billion playback;

In Xiaohongshu, search for “air fried pot” shows that there are


In Douban, the “Air Fried Pot Food Group” gathered

149,271 members


Data source: Internet


The high -speed growth of air frying pot has made other industries “jealous” while attracting the influx of many brands and enterprises. Many brands and companies have begun to explore on the road of multi -functional integrated air frying. At the product level,

The air fryer develops from a single air frying function to more diversified integration function.

For example, the KL50-VF583 multifunctional air fryer launched by Jiuyang can switch the pot body to a 360-degree automatic rotating baking sheet to make the use of the air fryer wider and increase the frequency of consumers.

2021 Tmall Taobao Multifunctional Air Fried Pot

The sales volume was 3.71 million units, with sales of 2.818 billion yuan, an increase of 92.28%year -on -year.


At present, the market price of air fried pot is low. Tmall Taobao TOP10 brand has a low price mode except Philips, which is 280-450 yuan.

The number of market products and market share continued to rise in the second half of 2021.

The air fryer officially entered the household scene from 2010. In the early days, the main players were the first foreign manufacturers to master core technology, such as Philips and Tuff. Since 2018, Ninja and Vesync have launched air -frying single products, currently occupying the top two in Amazon’s US sales. Small and medium -sized manufacturers such as Yamamoto, Liren, and Youyan have launched related products earlier. Traditional small home appliances, represented by Midea and Jiuyang, have seized a large market share.

At present, online multi -functional air fried pot single product market giants concentrated: In 2021, the online multi -functional air fried pot single product market, TOP5’s brand share is approaching 57%, and the market development is preliminary.

Sales TOP3 brand is Jiuyang, Supor and Midea,

Jiuyang accounted for 14.79%of the multi -functional air fried pot market in Tmall Taobao, and the industry’s mental share was the highest, an increase of 68%year -on -year; Supor accounted for 13.10%, an increase of 108.42%year -on -year; Increasing 41.40%.

At present, the multi -functional air frying track is very crowded, and the technical barriers and thresholds are relatively low.

From the TOP 10 brand list, it can be seen that the first four brands are comparable, and the gap between the back and down gradually widen. In addition to the earliest small and medium -sized manufacturers, Yamamoto Yamamoto, Yuyan and Liren, the brands that are later entered into the track such as Jiuyang and Supor and Supor , AUX and other sales have continued to grow at high speed.

2021 Tmall Taobao Multifunctional Air Fried Pot Market TOP10 Brand Sales Overview

2021 Tmall Taobao multi -functional air fried pot sales TOP1 single product is

Yamamoto’s household air fryer SB-D16, 630,000 units sold in 20121, with sales of 174 million yuan.

For small appliances such as air frying, unlike fast -moving consumer goods, the penetration rate of small appliances in the first -tier and new first -tier cities is usually lower than the overall level.

In the next few years, the air frying market in the first- and second -tier cities may reach the top quickly, thus entering the stage of hot competition.

Today, in the sinking market represented by fourth and fifth -tier cities, people are more and more pursuing the convenience of life. Consumers have high expectations for small appliances. Many new categories of small appliances have not yet been popularized into them. The kitchen, stack the concerns of going out to eat,

The sinking market represented by the fifth -tier city will be likely to become a new growth point for the small home appliance market.

Data source: China Merchants Securities, Vitality Capital

From another perspective, there will still be new opportunities in the expansion of categories in the sinking market. Because the kitchen in the fourth and fifth -tier cities is relatively spacious, it can accommodate more small appliances; at the same time, people’s life rhythm is relatively slow.

There are more time to use various small tools to buy more categories and quantities of small appliances.


The small home appliance market is “reducing fever”. Who still has the opportunity to become the next air fryer?

—The reason why air frying pan is hot-

Product itself:

Less oil and fat, delicious and healthy:

The air fried pan avoids the pain points of fried fried. The air thermal circulation technology is used to heat the oil with the air instead of oil.

Multi -functional integration, easy to use, easy to clean:


The air frying pan has removed the greatest difficulty of manual control of mild spending time. Just put the food in and adjust the time.

market background:


“House Economy”:

Affected by the isolation policy and safety issues under the new crown epidemic, consumers who covered the saliva had to transfer the delicious enthusiasm for deliciousness to the kitchen.

“Lazy Economy”:

There is no doubt that the “fool -style” air frying pot is fully in line with the trend of “lazy economy”. In the past, fried fries, roasted cakes and other foods with complicated operation and low thresholds can be done with air fried pots.

“Single Economy”:


The attributes of the high value, small size, good operation, and multifunctional attributes of air frying pot undoubtedly make the “one -person food” more convenient and more stylish under the “one -person”.

“Healthy Economy”:

Selling points such as “oil -free”, “low fat”, and “health” of air frying pot are like consumers who are obsessed with food and are afraid of fat, as if they have found a healthy+delicious diet password.

Social platform boost:

If the soil of “home economy”, “lazy economy”, and “healthy economy” are prepared for the popularity of air frying pots, social platforms such as jittering, Xiaohongshu and other social platforms are Dongfeng. Entering thousands of households.

In the large outbreak of the air frying category, UGC content (user -generated content) showed superb capacity. Through the editing of short videos, the characteristics of high air frying, fast cooking, simple operation, and fried features can be vividly expressed, so that a number of kitchen Xiaobai believes that as long as there is an air fryer, you can also look like a gourmet blogger. The same is exquisite life in the same model.

– Who is the next air fryer? —————

Monitoring according to the magic mirror,

Intelligent cooking machines are in line with multi -functional integration, smart and convenient

Consumption characteristics, and can play important in daily kitchen

Chef fried food,

At present, 45.68%is growing.

Data source: Internet (introduction to a brand of cooking machine)

In 2021, Tmall Taobao smart cooking machine’s sales are

332 million yuan, but due to the high unit price (the average price of 2095 yuan in December 2021), its annual sales volume was only 166,000 units.

With the continuous maturity of core technology, the price has led to the decline in the scope of the public, and the smart cooking continues to occupy the consumer’s mind.

It is expected to reach a billion -level market scale within five years.


Intelligence, integration, embedded, multifunctional, kitchen appliances, etc. will inevitably become a new trend of kitchen appliances development

The diversification of function is easy to be recognized by consumers, and what is invisible is the breakthroughs of many difficulties such as the integration and coordination of core components, whether to repeat the space, and the details of industrial aesthetics.

In the current era, kitchen appliances are gradually integrated into the family life scene, so as to

The multi -function kitchen electricity represented by integrated kitchen appliances, air fried pots and electric steam boxes represented by integrated stoves and integrated sink dishwashers,

It is getting rid of the single -sex functional restrictions, such as an integrated sink dishwasher, a sink, disinfection machine, disinfection cabinet, water purifier, fruit and vegetable agricultural residue cleaning machine, small kitchen treasure, garbage processor, etc. on the basis of traditional sink Many functions are integrated, improving the tedious experience of cleaning the pre -meal preparation phase and after -meal cleaning, and the integrated functions such as disinfection, cleaning, and purification of water help more convenient and more quality.

Multi -functional integration kitchen appliances are constantly accelerating, and the intelligent function matrix is ​​becoming more and more rich and practical, such as smoke linkage, timing control, appointment function, remote control of APP, tactile screen operation to voice recognition, Bluetooth connection, intelligent intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, intelligent, intelligent Functions such as security, automatic warranty, and gesture control came out. Smart recipes, entertainment and leisure, and home appliances interconnection have gradually become mainstream.

At present, in the kitchen appliance industry as a whole, it is urgent to find new growth points from the stock market. And under the influence of multiple factors such as limited kitchen space,

Kitchen equipment products are more integrated, integrated and multi -functional development,

Kitchen appliances multifunctional integration is no longer a simple concept, and the market is constantly emerging

Intelligent, integrated, embedded, multi -functional, kitchen appliances and other trends will inevitably become new development opportunities.


The kitchen and appliance industry is ushered in a new pattern. Only by focusing on the market development of the “strong air outlet” and accelerating the upgrading of traditional kitchen equipment, can we better meet the needs of the consumer market and usher in the rapid development of the brand.

Data source: magic mirror market information

Data source: magic mirror market information

Data source: magic mirror market information

Data source: magic mirror market information

Data source: magic mirror market information

Data source: magic mirror market information


Data source: magic mirror market information

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