Beijing: The new rules of electric vehicles take effect, and the vehicle will face a deduction and fine on the road on the road


China Youth Daily Client News (Intern Chen Huiqi China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Hu Ning) According to the “Beijing Non -Motor Vehicle Management Regulations”, the excessive electric bicycle is prohibited from driving on the road from November 1, 2021. Facing vehicle detention and fines. Recently, the Beijing traffic police on the basis of investigating and dealing with electric bicycles’ illegal roads, strictly investigated the illegal acts of modified electric vehicles on the road.

On the afternoon of November 9th, at the mouth of Caishi, the police of the Cherry Garden Brigade of the Public Security and Transportation Administration of the Beijing Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau conducted law enforcement inspections on violating the law on the road of violations of the law. The reporter saw at the scene that within an hour, eight illegal electric vehicles were detained. Among them, although the three electric vehicles have been hung with compliance licenses and are complete, they have performed illegal operations to modify batteries.

On the afternoon of November 9, the police of the Cherry Garden Brigade of the Xicheng Transportation Detachment checked the electric vehicle on the road at the intersection of Caishi. Intern Chen Huiqi/Photo


Some of the modified electric vehicles investigated and dealt with on the spot were installed from the original 1 battery to 4 batteries.

At 3 pm, when a electric car was driving, the police noticed that there was an extra raised iron plate above the pedal, so it stopped checking it. Sure enough, there was a battery installed under the vehicle. After turning on the car basket, I found that there was a battery in it, plus the original battery of the electric vehicle, and the multiple batteries were connected in series, which laid a lot of hidden safety hazards.

The national standard of electric vehicle batteries is 48V, and the three investigated electric vehicles have been determined, with a minimum of 65.7V and a maximum of 70V, which seriously exceed the production safety standards.

What safety hazards will be produced by electric vehicles to install batteries? According to the cherry garden brigade, the sheriff of the cherry garden brigade introduces that the battery needs to be modified, which can easily cause short circuit, leading to spontaneous combustion of the electric vehicle. After the battery is installed, the electric vehicle will be close to lightweight. Motorcycles, but the braking distance will be longer, which pose a threat to the driver’s personal safety and easily cause traffic safety accidents.

For modified electric vehicles that are on the road illegally, the police will temporarily deduct vehicles in accordance with the “Beijing Non -Motor Vehicle Management Regulations” to inform the parties to receive treatment at the law enforcement station within 15 days and impose a fine of 1,000 yuan for the owner. If the vehicle has a legitimate source proof, it will be returned after removing the modification part and restoring the original state.


At present, there are also some unliked motor vehicle numbers on the road or exceeding the transition period. There are still over -standard cars on the road. According to the insured students, this phenomenon is gradually decreasing since the strict law enforcement of vehicles exceeding the standard on November 1.

Source: China Youth Daily Client