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Six travel pandas


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This cute giant panda

Where can I travel again?

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Follow the panda to Sichuan.


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Travel panda.

These travel pandas

What small secrets are hidden?

Wide and narrow alley:

Bowl tea on the top of the head, holding “Sugar”, traveling pandas on the green stone road of the wide and narrow alley. The antique houses, the stone lions in front of the gate, the bamboo table and bamboo chair, and the Sichuan opera performance.

Wuhou Temple:

The traveling panda of the feathers stood in front of the Temple of Wuhou Temple, with eye -catching plaques, famous “Attack Trials”, and red walls and bamboo shadows.


Jinsha site:


On the top of the sun god bird pattern on the head, the travel panda comes on the clouds. The ancient and mysterious golden sand, the mystery of the thousands of years that has not been cracked, is like layers of fog, waiting for us to explore.


Jianmen Pass:

Wearing a bamboo felt hat, holding a green gun, a “Shu” elementary school flag in the backpack, the travel panda climbed to the Jianmen Pass, overlooking the dangerous dangle of “One Fu Guan, Wanfu Mo Kai”, the former Jin Ge Iron Horse The sound of the ears was echoed.


Wearing a cold cotton hat, holding a map, and the yellow dragon wrapped in silver -wrapped in silver, the snowman piled up. In the distance, the snow -capped mountains were undulating, and the cedar was tall nearby. The well -known colored pools were staggered and layered, and Sichuan in winter was different.

Tianfu International Airport:

Wearing a flying hat, holding a telescope, traveling pandas to Tianfu International Airport. In this magical land, we are facing the world with a more confident attitude, connecting the world, and injecting new vitality into the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu -Chongqing.


Wearing a golden mask, holding the “net red” bronze mask ice cream, traveling pandas came to Samsung Dou. The ancient Shu culture was born here. The mysteries of bronze god trees, bronze standing portraits, and masks need to be solved one by one.



Wearing a golden flower hat, holding a small windmill, traveling panda to Jiuzhaigou. Under the green mountains and green trees, the Nuogi Lang waterfall is magnificent. The waterfall is like the water of the galaxy, the silver beads are thousands of dendrobium, and the water is fog.


Du Fu Caotang:

Wearing a hat, a folding fan, a pen and ink paper in the backpack, and the travel panda came to the Dufu Cottage. The huts and green bamboo are interesting. We listen to the depression of “Poetry Saint” here, and feel the thoughts of the home country of “the cold people in the world”.

Qingcheng Mountain:


Holding ginkgo branches, traveling pandas over the mountains to Qingcheng Mountain. The mountains are stacked in the distance, the forests are lush in the mountains, and the Dan ladder is thousands of levels. After picking up the level, the birds of the mountains and mountains are even more secluded.

Leshan Giant Buddha:

Holding a gourd flute, a red lotus with a red lotus, led the big white duck, and traveling pandas to Leshan Grand Buddha. The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain. After more than a thousand years, it shows a unique style and demeanor at the intersection of Sanjiang.



Holding a rhododendron in hand, walking with the monkey, traveling pandas to Mount Emei. The top of the golden top is like a fairyland on earth. Bi Kong flipped down the clouds, and the Xiaguang appeared at the beginning, and it was vast. The mountains and forests are green mountains and green waters, bee butterflies, and beautiful scenery.


When can I get a panda?

What is the collection process?

After the new coronal virus vaccine can get the travel panda?


Answer: 川 Sichuan Tianfu Health Tong Data Update takes some time. After the vaccination is completed, it may be possible to receive pandas the next day. Don’t worry!

How do I receive your travel panda?

Answer: In Sichuan, after completing all the inoculation of all agents, open Tianfu Health Tong, and your travel panda will appear!

Also completed the new coronary vaccine in Sichuan. Why do you have a panda?

Answer: There are two main cases: First, due to the large number of vaccinations, travel pandas will be distributed one after another. Please wait a little. Second, a few people could not show because the ID number was wrong. If you still want to receive a travel panda, please collect the original vaccination point approval information.

Damei Sichuan scenery unlimited

The panda belonging to you

Where will I take you to check in?

Xiaobian warm reminder,


In June, the province mainly concentrated on the second inoculation of the person who had completed the first dose

Essence Please reach the interval time and the second dose of the second dose,

The second dose is used in an orderly manner as soon as possible. After the second needle, you can get your exclusive panda!

The important thing to say three times!

Hurry up the second needle, lead the travel panda!