Must -buy: These three good things are enough for this autumn and winter changes.


What do you always want to buy in your heart? Take a look at “Must -buy”, the most expected scenarios on the entire network.

The time has come to November unknowingly. For the friends in the north, as the temperature gradually decreases, it has reached the autumn and winter season. Facing the cold winter, you may wish to buy some good things for autumn and winter changes. Today, I will take a look at three good things for autumn and winter changes, which can be purchased according to myself.

Mouse pads that can warm hands


First of all, I recommend a mouse pad that can be warmed. Yes, you are not wrong. This is a mouse pad that supports heating function. At the top of the entire mouse pad, the user is equipped with a smart CNC temperature display, and users can adjust the temperature according to their own needs. There are three temperatures for adjustment, which are 40 degrees, 45 degrees, and 50 degrees, respectively. At the same time, it has a temperature memory function, which will maintain the temperature at the time of the last use after each opening.

The leather material is selected in terms of material, and the surface is smooth and flat, which can ensure that users do not have a sense of obstruction when sliding. Thanks to the design of the surface PVC fabric, even if you accidentally sprinkle the water cup under power, just wipe it with a dry cloth to use it normally. Generally speaking, this warm -handed mouse pad function is comprehensive, which is very suitable for use in autumn and winter changes.

Easily insulation cup


I have to say that as the weather gradually turns cool, don’t forget to replenish water everyday after busy work. A good insulation cup is definitely a must -have for office. First of all, this insulation cup is made of stainless steel, and the cup mouth is widely designed, which is more conducive to cleaning. At the same time, the cup lid uses a detachable design, making it easier to clean and reassuring users.

In daily use, in order to make users more convenient, the cup lid adopts a one -handed design and a single -handed opening and closing design. It can also complete one -handed opening and closing in one hand, which is very convenient. In the end, it is 500 ml in terms of capacity, and the volume of large capacity can basically meet the amount of drinking water in one day. At the same time, this insulation cup uses high vacuum -breaking technology to make it better insulation.

Warm water bag with temperature display

Finally, I recommend a warm water bottle product. The biggest advantage is that this heating bag supports temperature display.

The biggest feature of this warm water bottle is the OLED temperature display. By sliding left and right, the real -time temperature can be displayed to make it more at ease. At the same time, a dual -accurate temperature control chip is built -in, which can be automatically disconnected by ultra -temperature.

In terms of materials, high -density fabrics are used to greatly improve thermal insulation performance, and the temperature of the surface is more uniform.


In the end, it is worth mentioning that the intelligent security flash charge technology is used in charging, which can complete heating in 8 to 12 minutes. When the weather turns cold, this warm water bottle must not be missed.