The transformation and upgrading of the home textile industry, the finished curtains with six advantages are considered an important breakthrough


Failure around 2015, the rise in 2018, the prediction will usher in the finished curtains at the time of explosive time in 2019. What is different from the traditional curtains? How will it subvert the traditional home textile industry? What kind of different consumer experience will it bring to terminal consumers? Not long ago, a reporter from Nandu went deep into the home textile industry in Zhejiang Yuhang, Jiangsu Yancheng and other home textile industries. After investigation and visited, he found that the advantages of finished curtains have begun to highlight multiple ports and will open a new window for the transformation and upgrading of the entire home textile industry to form a new idea.

A depth analysis

Six advantages of finished curtains

The reporter investigated in -depth investigations and visited more than ten companies that have already tried the finished curtains. From the person in charge of many companies, the reason why finished curtains are collectively sought after by the entire home textile industry. Six advantages. At the same time, because the finished curtains have obvious advantages compared to traditional custom curtains, they are also regarded as an important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of the home textile industry.

1 higher production capacity

Due to curtains as the main softflight products, the production process is very complicated and the degree of automation is relatively low. It not only limits the expansion scale of the enterprise, but also makes the home textile industry lack a sense of presence in front of the industry giants. It is understood that the current high -ranking home textile companies, most of the annual sales of about 50 million yuan, can not use large -scale flexible production to improve production efficiency and form cost advantages like customized furniture companies. For manufacturers, with the help of curtains, it can greatly improve production efficiency. Pan Jiameng, general manager of the urban living room, revealed that in March last year, it began to be promoted into curtains. In just over half a year, the production capacity of the urban living room was increased by more than ten times, and sales reached more than 40 million yuan in the short term.

2 Lower store opening threshold

For the terminal market, manufacturers’ finished output means that dealers can not need special processing venues, nor do they need to ask designers, which can greatly reduce the cost of opening store opening. For consumers, the professional design support and standardized processing process from manufacturers means better delivery of quality.

Zhu Hui, general manager of Jinghui Fabric, calculated a account for reporters: In the past, a curtain shop usually rented a venue of 200-300 square meters. With luxury decoration, the cost of opening a store was at least 500,000 to 600,000 yuan. For the dealers of the finished curtains, the store only needs more than 100 square meters, and it does not need to be complicated to create an atmosphere. You can open a 120 square meters of curtain shops at 100,000 yuan.

3 Fast inventory turnover rate

Traditional curtain operations have high requirements for manufacturers’ inventory. Many companies are all over the inventory at the end of the year. “Traditional home textile companies, annual sales of 20 million yuan, total inventory may reach nearly 50 million yuan. The current monthly sales of urban living rooms will be 3 million to 4 million yuan, only 700,000 yuan of inventory. By the end of the year, traditional home textile The remaining inventory cloth of the enterprise should also be several times more. “Pan Jiameng, general manager of the urban living room, said that compared with custom curtains, the finished curtains have a high turnover of more than 5 times, which not only helps manufacturers reduce inventory, but also help manufacturers improve profit.

4 The more keen fashion carrier

Compared with traditional custom curtains, the finished curtains are more in line with the inherent needs of the new generation of consumer groups for curtain fashion. In the opinion of Xiao Jiancheng, general manager of Shenzhen International Home Textile Home Exhibition, finished curtains help speed up the curtain industry’s response to fashion trends. In order to strengthen product competitiveness, finished curtains will eventually speed up new frequencies. With reference to the transformation from the era of tailor -stores to the era of garment, the finished curtains not only mean the opening of the era of curtains, but also means higher purchase frequency, simpler installation methods and better cost -effectiveness.

5 The future of C -end brand potential

The sales channels for traditional curtain fabrics include acting wholesale, chain franchise, engineering list and other sales methods, and are mainly based on acting wholesale and engineering. These two sales methods pay attention to sales and rapid return of payment, shaping the brand and shaping the brand Do not pay attention; second, because traditional curtain fabrics are not finished products, but secondary processing sales, that is, consumers go to the curtain shop to buy curtains, choose the styles, choose the fabric, then process the curtain shop, and then install it for consumers. Unique product attributes and consumer attributes allow traditional curtain fabric manufacturers to not have the core foundation for creating brands.

With the help of curtains, curtain fabrics can achieve finished products. Customers can buy finished curtains in specialty stores or supermarkets, and go home to install themselves. In this way, it has the foundation of creating a C -end brand. As a representative of the manufacturer of the early entry into the finished curtains, the current brand awareness has been quickly established on the C -end. It is the best evidence. Follow -up, whether it is the orchid room or the living, the brand is regarded as an important strategic goal.

6 More flexible channel cross -border attributes

From the current market status of the market, building materials dealers including wallpaper, flooring, bathrooms, etc., and furniture dealers of large and small, as well as upstream real estate developers, decoration companies, design institutions, etc., for curtain manufacturers, It is a new channel for development. However, due to the complex and lengthy service system of traditional curtains, many cross -border dealers are almost unknown to the design, processing and service of curtains. For curtain manufacturers, if you want to build your own diversified channels, it means that you must help new “little white” dealers outside traditional professional channels to solve various problems in market operations.

The finished curtains, compared to traditional custom curtains, can be standardized whether it is design, sales or services, especially suitable for small and white dealers or sellers. Therefore, from this level, finished curtains are more cross -border than traditional custom curtains. In other words, in the face of the diversified home improvement market of the current channel, finished curtains are more in line with channel needs, and at the same time, they also comply with market demand.

B market status quo

Five modes will be implemented in the terminal synchronization

In the past two months, the reporter has visited nearly 20 home textile companies that have been involved in the finished product or planned to deploy finished products, including Tengchuan cloth tigers, Lan Lingdian, Budong Youpin, Le Shangjuju, and Ledshanju. , City living room, Zhizhi, Yulong Pavilion, Jinghui, Kaida, Yashju, etc. During the survey, the reporter found that although it has been precipitated for two or three years, the finished curtains are generally the starting stage. The definition of finished curtains is not clear, and the model of finished curtains is different. It is roughly divided into several:

Fixed size finished curtains ● Representative brand: IKEA, Buying Youpin

Such curtains are generally simple. They are composed of two curtains. The size is generally relatively fixed. Some are single size, and some are subdivided with 4-5 sizes. Because this curtain can be mass -produced on a large scale, there are no complex flowers, embroidery and other processes, and there is no fancy curtain head design, so the price is very affordable. Depending on the complexity of curtain models and crafts, the terminal price ranges from hundreds of yuan to 1,000 yuan.

Non -fixed size finished curtains ● Representative brands: Lan Living Room, City Living Room

A finished curtain form developed based on curtain setting technology. After the enterprise completes the independent fabric research and development, design and matching, the enterprise forms a certain amount of finished product combination, allowing curtains to sell on the dealer side through the template, and the manufacturer directly provides consumers with finished product delivery. This method is optional, but it will be limited to fabrics and styles.


Exclusive customized finished curtains ● Representative brand: Zhishu, Le Shangju

It is a comprehensive concept body of finished product+micro -customized. The style of the curtains cannot be changed at will, but the size is variable, and the combination of the arrangement can also be different. In this way, it not only provides customers with personalized choices, but also ensures that customers’ choices are within a limited professional framework. Compared with the finished product output curtain, such exclusive custom curtains can better match the personalized needs of high -end customer bases.

Products+DIY curtains ● Representative brand: Curtain Rubik’s Cube

The cloth of the curtains is divided into basic cloth and matching, and the foundation cloth is unsatisfactory. The matching and curtain head accessories can be freely matched within a certain range. In this way, it not only realizes the finished output, but also reserves consumers to achieve personalized space through DIY, and at the same time can better solve the production efficiency problem of the back end.

100%flexible production custom curtains ● Representative brand: Hai Lingmeng

Whether it is fabric, style or size, it can be customized. However, while customizing, it can also use automated curtains to process assembly lines and information management systems to achieve flexible production of curtains like customized furniture. In this way, it can not only ensure the personalization of the finished curtains, but also to maximize the production capacity of personalized custom curtains.

Writing and photography: Nandu reporter Mi Chunyan intern Yin Chuyan