Cotton quilt, one stitch and one line is the love of the mother


I bought cotton and flower cloth today, prepared the ingredients, and made a quilt for my son. His son was going home immediately. His quilt had been a long time and was not warm. Originally planned to buy a quilt, I decided to make a cotton quilt. For a long time, it has been built to buy a ready -made quilt. Although it is also warm, it is not cotton.

Merchants selling cotton and fabrics are for processing products, but I want to do it myself, sew the mother’s love into the quilt, hoping that my son is warmer to go home.


It is easy to make a quilt now. The cotton pads pressed by cotton are the size of the quilt, and the length of the flower cloth is also width. As long as the folding is stitched, the cotton is packed in, paved, sewing it. Then sew it a few times horizontally to prevent the cotton roller, and the quilt was sewn. It’s not too thick, so it is handy. I am very happy to watch the quilt I made by myself. After all, I have n’t touched the needle for many years, let alone be a quilt.

When I was a child, my mother was impressed by my mother. The mother is very diligent and often removes the quilt, so she has to do many quilts a year.

At that time, it was all flowers, white quilts, and cotton needed to be flocked by itself. After the covered quilt was removed and dry, the mother would immerse it with rice soup and then dry it. Then call me and the quilt, the quilt, and the quilt. It turned out that the quilt was deflected and cleaned after washing. After the water spraying was pulled, the original was restored. After being beaten with a wooden mallet, I did n’t understand why there was this program. The mother said that the noodles soaked by the rice soup were tightly beaten and dense.

When my mother was a quilt, I did not allow the fire to make trouble, but I watched the flowers and green quilts and white quilts, so I especially liked it, so the mother made me troubles. At that time, the quilt was particular about how the four were folded and how to do it. The quilt had to sew a few trips horizontally and sewed it a few times. Those old rules, my mother could not be a little bit tiger, and I just felt interesting.

The mother’s newly removed and washed quilt, the board was neat, and the taste of rice fragrance. Covering on my body, I rang. At this time, I like to use my feet the most, and I am often criticized by my mother.

Since there is a cover, the beige fragrance of the quilt is gone. The taste of motherly love in memory has also become the most interesting memories.

The whole family sat on the hot fire, all their feet reached into the quilt, covered the quilt made by her mother, ate corn grain, watched the TV series, talked about their families, simple and happier.


Nowadays, the pace of life is too fast, the items are very rich, and people have not been a quilt for a long time, and the handmade needle line live is also rusty. When I started to quilt, it was my son when he was a child. His bedding was often disassembled. When his son was big, our family had no bedding.

When I was a child, cotton pants were made by my mother, cotton shoes were made of mothers, cotton gloves were made of mothers, sweater and pants were woven by my mother, and too many things were made by my mother. One stitches and lines are full of mother’s love.

Today, everything is the finished product, and I have no fun of myself. “Mother Ci Mu’s hand, Youzi is in his top, and he is densely sewed, meant to return later.” It is difficult to get it.

Waiting at the train station in the town, waiting at home, eating green vegetables in the yard, under the sunset of the small bridge, smelling smoke.

Chicken and dog barking, vegetables overflowed, and horses are full of beef pear.


The star is full, the bonfire starts, and the neighboring folks often narrate.

Anyone who has a book book, has more thoughts in his hometown.

The waterfront water is old, and the empty is empty.