The charm of the living room, how should the coffee table choose?


The coffee table is in the center of the living room. When people enter the room, they can pay attention at a glance. If the porch is the first impression of home, then the coffee table is the first impression of the living room. Coffee table is so important, how to choose?


Choose according to family members

If there are elderly people and children in the family, you can choose a solid wood coffee table. The solid wood coffee table is not only strong but also environmentally friendly. It is just the right hardness.


Mahogany and black walnuts best show the taste of the elderly and the cultural heritage of the family. Choose a solid wood coffee table and put the tea set to add some elegant style to the entire living room.

If you are a young couple, the range of choices is wide, and you can choose from materials and styles.

Select according to the material

There are many kinds of coffee tables, including solid wood, glass, marble, iron, mixed oil, etc. They are often paired together. For example, the marble table with a wood or iron or iron can be more charming than only one material, bringing extraordinary noble temperament to the space.

Solid wood: environmentally friendly, strong

Glass: The glass coffee table is relatively transparent and bright, and has the visual effect of expanding the space. There are many tricks and beautiful styles.

Marble: The coffee table on the marble table is very durable, and it is easy to take care of it. Friends who raise Husky can choose. Don’t be afraid of how dogs bite.


Mixing oil: Mixed oil is the most common, and it is not limited by color, easy to match.

Iron: There are many styles, full of art, and small area.

Choose according to the design style

Now renovation is different from the past, you need to worry about it yourself, and choose the same. Many home improvement companies (such as

Litian decoration

) They all launched the home improvement package with bags, and the designer will design the decoration style according to the owner’s preference. Then help the owner to choose a coffee table with unified home style.

Fashion, modern style: pure glass material, metal with glass coffee table, iron art coffee table.

Classical, Chinese style: solid wood coffee table, marble table with solid wood table legs.

Pastoral style: rattan art coffee table, white marble coffee table.

European style: yellow marble coffee table, mixed oil coffee table.

Of course, the most important thing is to choose from the owner’s preference. But no matter what you choose, remember to bring you



Not long ago, one of my friends bought a set of coffee tables+sofas based on my preferences and the decoration style of my own home. I went to their house to see it. Although it was very good, the size was not good, making the entire living room particularly crowded. It is probably the so -called flowing flower that is easy to embroidery. Therefore, the owners who remind the decoration again must ask the professionals and listen to their suggestions.

Also as far as I know


They are very duties, and many owners who are pursuing perfection, even asking for a vase and potted plants to ask

The designers of Litian will be patient patiently and recommend.




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