For a pair of socks, Xi Shi’s hometown has held the 14th Expo


From October 28th to 30th, the 15th China Datang International Stockings Expo will be held in Zhuji, Zhejiang.

From 1999 to the present, Zhuji has held the 14th socks industry. After the last socks, the Zhuji sock industry clusters were included in the pilot of Zhejiang Provincial New Intelligence Creation. The Chinese Great Tang socks Art Academy has officially operated.

Zhuji Datang Street is the hometown of socks. Beginning in the 1970s, due to the influence of the state -owned socks factories in Shanghai and other places, the Tang Dynasty saw the way of making money. Some village cadres launched the power of the whole village, set up hundreds of people’s collective hand -shaking socks factories, and started the days of shaking socks and socks, raising baskets and selling socks. By the end of the 1980s, Zhuji gradually formed the socks industry. At that time, the Datang socks industry was mostly imitated -without technology, they went to the state -owned enterprise to “steal the teacher”; without resources, they went to cotton spinning companies to pick up the head. In 1999, the first socks of Zhuji, which attracted merchants from all over the world, and drove the rapid development of enterprises related to the industrial chain. In 2004, at that time, Datang Town replaced the famous American socks Town Paynebort with an annual output of 9 billion pairs of socks, and won the “global socks” crown.

However, as a labor -intensive traditional industry, the Zhuji socks industry has faced the embarrassment of overcapacity and soaring production costs. In 2014, under the huge output, the profit of the local socks industry was only 3.55 billion yuan, the profit margin was less than 5%, and the profit of each pair of socks of some socks factories was even as low as 1 cents. Fortunately, the local government’s strong men broke the wrist to launch a special rectification, and made a set of transformation and upgrading of “machine substitutions, e -commerce changes in the city, the cage and bird change, and the space exchange”. About a year, thousands of socks companies were shut down and rectified. In the same year, Zhuji Single Art Town came into being. The town actively eliminates backward production capacity, and improves the level of sock production through intelligent manufacturing, raw materials and mechanical research and development, creative design and brand building. So far, Datang socks have gradually grown from a tie -shaped block industry to a modern industrial cluster that integrates a complete industrial chain such as raw materials, socks, socks, and market chains. At present, the annual output of Datang socks accounts for 70%of the country and 35%of the world. Every three pairs of socks in the world are produced in Datang.

Although the socks are small, the consumption upgrade and the market cycle reflect the changes in lifestyle. With the changes in life scenes, from sports socks, suspenders to healthy socks, the category and market of socks are extending to the whole scene, and the production of socks has also changed from a single imitation to innovation. In recent years, Zhuji has relying on the construction of socks and art town, cultivating a number of leading enterprises, creating a number of digital workshops, and transforming a number of innovative results.

Dong Guanghui, deputy mayor of Zhuji City, said that the socks expo is an important window for Datang as an important window for the global socks industry’s “Smart Manufacturing Place, Buyer Terminal Station, and Industry Flagship Exhibition”. The socks will be displayed from intelligent equipment, new materials, trend design, and boutique socks. The exhibition is expected to attract nearly 200 high -quality participating companies. At the same time, with the opportunity of the socks expo, Zhuji will hold the Zhuji Development Conference to recruit talents and expand the circle of friends.

Editor -in -chief: Kong Lingjun Text Editor: Kong Lingjun Title Picture Source: Xinhua News Agency Information Picture Editor: Xiang Jianying

Source: Author: Zhu Lingjun