74 square meters of two rooms are only 70,000, which is too good value! European style wife’s favorite


European style decoration design is not uncommon in China, and many people are also attracted by this unique style. Today, I will introduce a 74 -square -meter decoration case. It turns out that the second room can be installed like this. I heard that there are many decoration tips in this decoration case of Baojiahua and Shan, so let’s take a look!


European style with gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve graceful and luxurious effects. The top of the living room loves large -scale light pools, and with gorgeous branched chandeliers to create an atmosphere

The living room is the most frequent space in daily life. It is one of the most frequently used spaces such as assembly and entertainment. The decoration of the living room and the design of the living room can reflect the home improvement taste of the owner, so you must consider it when making decoration.

The living room has a ceiling, and the restaurant is separated from the porch


The living room has a ceiling, and the background wall is made on the TV


The overall living room is mainly white, and the furniture is also based on simplicity

As a place to rest at home, the bedroom must pay attention to quietness, but it is not as simple as placing a bed. The current bedroom function is getting more and more complete. The wardrobe and even the dressing table, desk, etc. can be placed in the bedroom.


The blue background wall made in the bedroom also made a ceiling

The floor decoration of the bathroom should meet the requirements of four aspects: first, there must be better waterproof; second, there must be better drainability; third, there must , Beautiful. Sanitary decorative materials are more using wall tiles, PVC or aluminum gushing ceilings. You should first grasp the color of the overall space, and then consider what kind of wall and floor tiles and ceiling materials are used.


The bathroom has been separated from wet and wet, which is convenient to use

A table of tables can form a restaurant. Now there are many choices of dining tables, and there are many materials on the market. There are marble, solid wood, and glass. They can be matched with their own style in the selection.

The restaurant made a chandelier, mainly white

Here are the apartment maps of Baojiahua and 74 square meters of two -bedroom houses in the mountain community.

Two -bedroom, one -living room, one guard of the apartment map

With such a European -style home, if it is also a great enjoyment every day, this 74 -square -meter two -bedroom should be able to make many people’s hearts. It costs a total of 70,000, and it can be accepted. If you think about returning from get off work every day, you should get an extraordinary sense of belonging.