Sweater+skirt, pay attention to the essence of the essence, and welcome the spring


The weather was warmer, and the heavy down jackets were thrown back to the wardrobe, and the beautiful small skirt could not be displayed. However, the cold wind of us still did not allow us to make any way. Well, it is recommended that you choose the matching of sweaters and skirts. In the early spring, these two basic styles will not look monotonous, but also full of gentle and elegant little femininity.

The sweater is cold and breathable. When the temperature is high during the day, it can be worn alone. It is convenient and fashionable to add a coat at night. The skirt has the temperament of the little woman, and then with a soft sweater, choose some gentle and atmospheric colors, and the pure desire is properly arranged! Wearing a hat, jewelry and putting on the bag, elegant is my temperament blessing.

1. Sweater selection

1. Fabric

The fabric of the sweater can be divided into cashmere, wool, cotton and blended,

In terms of warmth and comfort, cashmere> wool> cotton> blended.


That is, the goat is shorter than wool,

The layer of fluff that is closer to sheepskin

, Feel and keep warm, but the price is also the highest.

Wool is not as difficult to obtain and scarce like cashmere, but it is not as light as cashmere.


So in terms of price, it is cheaper than cashmere. Whether it is cashmere or wool, when choosing, the sweater has a good texture and the style of the sweater. The tailoring is high -quality. The price must be at least thousands of to get the hand. The brand can even reach tens of thousands.

Cotton and blending are the clothing materials seen everyday, and the cost performance is relatively high

The warmth of cotton sweaters is also enough to resist the cold. Although the feel is not as good as cashmere wool, it is also very comfortable and the price is relatively affordable.

The mixed sweater of the blended sweater is a mixed sweater with a variety of fabrics. Generally, the difference between the quality of this fabric is very different,

Therefore, when choosing, avoid only look at the style and ignore the texture of the fabric.

In general, individuals should choose a sweater that suits them according to their own budget and preferences.

2. Sweater style recommendation

Round necklasses loose sweater

Pure -colored round necklads, the best choice


The simplest style

This is the best style. Whether it is matched with skirts, pants, inside or outside. The loose version can give people a lazy and soft feeling,

When we go on the waist, add a belt on the waist, and the fashionable essence is instantly upper.

V -neck sweater

In the early spring, it is also time to take off the high collar and expose the collarbone season.

V -line collar can visually increase the length of the neck

, Let the face look more compact under the contrast of the skin and skin of the neck and below.

Reduce the bloated feeling of the sweater

Female femininity, no matter what style of girls like, it will add a gentle and intellectual temperament after putting it on.

Band/zipper sweater sweater


This type of sweater is recommended to choose a fit or bring a sense of body cultivation

(Of course, the fabric should choose the skin -friendly or not, it will make people extremely uncomfortable all day). Such a sweater can perfectly show the body of a woman without lack of warmth. Whether it is a full single or a coat, it will not show people bloated, thick back, and width of the shoulders.

If you like handsome style, you can choose a zipper -style jacket


, Pulling the zipper or lowering a little to form a full of vitrus.


The sweater with a deduction is sexy, whether you put it on everything, and you can easily get pure desire.

3. Color

Of course, you have to wear the color of spring in spring

The soft hue and the extremely light color are not wrong. These colors wear a gentle atmosphere, fresh and soft, and the whole person is more vibrant and wanton.

The black, white, and gray sweater items in the middle are also very good. As long as the skirt on the lower body is well selected, the middle color top will be the finishing touch. If you want to choose a slightly bright sweater, you must choose the color that you can control, and be cautious.

Second, skirt selection

The weather in the early spring is uncertain

, Lengfeng has not yet passed, so

The skirt must choose good warmth

Essence Leather skirt is one of the weapons of windshield. Black skin is the most classic, and the gas field can be matched casually. If

Do not like the dullness of black leather, that white, khaki or light pink leather skirt can still satisfy the freshness of spring atmosphere


Wool cashmere skirt

Also, but


I don’t recommend everyone to start

After all, whether you sit down or stand up after work, you must pay attention to it, and it is troublesome to take care of it. relatively,


Plel cotton skirt is much more convenient

As long as the style is selected, it can still make people beautiful and warm.


Add the blend of Modal Materials

, Also one of the best choices, it


There is a function of anti -wrinkle, don’t worry about whether the skirt is folded and unsightly after a long time.

2. Style



The long skirt is a representative of elegant and gentle, but it is too loose with a thick sweater.

The split long skirt can break this feeling,


Add one point to expose skin, be careful to attract the attention, and use the skirt line extension to pull the proportion of the legs.

, Let the whole human be sexy and charm, get two birds with one stone.


Mid -long fishtail skirt

The fishtail skirts are all hips in the upper half, and the skirts are scattered with umbrellas, named after the fishtail.

If the upper sweater is selected with a slightly loose style, the fishtail skirt can be said to be standard

Essence The hip tight -fitting part is thin and thin, and the design sense of the fishtail skirt reveals elegant temperament. Raise his hands and throw your feet.

The color of the skirt is best to choose the same color of the sweater.

These two colors are also the benefits of lazy people.

The simpler way is directly


Use versatile white gray black with soft color system

This can also create a warm and soft feeling, just like the feeling of spring. People who are not familiar with color matching

It is recommended that the tops and skirts choose solid colors and are not decorated than complicated.

Third, match recommendation

The white sweater with any light color skirt has a refreshing and light sense, and the hat of the same color is aggravating the overall atmosphere.

The jumping shoes and bags make the whole set of dresses instantly (using jumping hats and jewelry in daily wear can also play a dazzling effect)

The slightly wider sweater was put in the skirt to increase the waistline, the long legs were thin, and the split skirt was dull, showing the pretty of the little woman.

The brown sweater with a black half -body long skirt, and then with a beret or a painter hat, is a strong sense of retro.

A belt on the waist can lengthen the proportion of the legs, increase the sense of fashion, and increase recognition.


High -cut black long skirt is sexy and unknown. Wearing some accessories with the top or skirts can be more atmospheric.

When the weather is slightly hot, you can put on thin band sandals to lengthen the calf, but when the weather is slightly cold, you can wear light leg artifacts with small white shoes or black boots.

The same color small incense suspender fishtail skirt, gives people atmospheric, elegant temperament

The skirts are added with pearls, lace and other decorative details to add sweet atmosphere, which is also more delicate. When pairing with such suspenders, it is best to choose a very close -fitting thin sweater. The style with hollowed or off -shoulder design slightly exposed the skin to increase the sense of advanced.

When dating, with a messenger small bag can make people more delicate women. When working hours to mention some high -handed packets, people make people feel more formal.

Umbrella -shaped long leather skirt is more imposing like a rainbow temperament.

Try to match the middle color of the upper body and shoes as much as possible in the middle color. It is better to choose white in spring to get rid of the heavy feeling of winter

It makes people look slightly soft. Metal accessories and same -color bags can increase the overall fashion degree. The upper body should choose a personal sweater to match to avoid the combination of loose sweaters and the same loose long skirt to bring bloated and sloppy feeling.

If you are not afraid of showing your body, you can choose a very feminine V -neck tight body sweater, with a high -waist fork long skirt.

The split long skirt must choose a smaller split, so that it will not expose too much skin and cause it to be unsuitable for work.

Essence It is worth noting that the design of the clothing is sufficient, so on bags, accessories, and shoes, try to choose simple styles to avoid the weirdness brought by too tedious.

The spring clothes of sweaters and skirts are recommended here. If you want to become beautiful, change your temperament, learn more about wearing knowledge, and find a suitable dressing skills for you.


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1. Fabric

3. Color