The company’s vice president resigned as a high salary, recycled the useless soap, and saved 10 million children’s life


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American guy Shawn Seipler (Shawn Seipler)

At a young age, he is already a vice president of a technology company

Happy family, successful career

Such a life winner

But in 2008, he resigned from a high salary work

Why did you resign? He found a “business opportunity”


Every day, hotels around the world will throw away 5 million pieces of soap

He wants to collect the soap used by hotel guests

Reshape them into new soaps and give it to those in need

Shawn Seipler and the soap he picked up

These soaps are actually nothing special


When hotel guests leave the store, most of them will lose these small soaps at will

Even if they have only been used once or twice

Most people have never paid attention

How will the hotel deal with these small soaps used

Sean, a senior business person who is “Air Flying Man”

I often stay in different hotels

Naturally noticed this phenomenon

The soap that I just used once or twice was always replaced by a new one


He couldn’t help asking the staff

“How to deal with the remaining small soaps”

“Treatment? Directly, deal with it when the garbage is processed”

“But they have been used once or twice.”


So Sean couldn’t help thinking

Can you collect them?

What about those who need it?



There are 9,000 people around the world every day

Children under 5 years of age died in pneumonia and diarrhea

Sean noticed a research report


Every day in the world


9,000 children under 5 years old


Because pneumonia and diarrhea died

But just wash your hands simply

You can avoid 1/3 of the respiratory disease, 1/2 dysentery

The mortality will decrease by 60%

Why do these children do not use soap to wash their hands?


Because it is too poor, there is no soap at the school or home to wash their hands

The little boy born in Myanmar, Myo, had a sister

He died in three weeks.


Someone later told them

Maybe there is a piece of soap, she can live

Myo and mother


Why is this world so unfair

6,000 children die every day because they have no soap to wash their hands

We are not afraid of death


But death is so cheap, but it is extremely distressed!

Sean, who knows all this, is in contemplation

There is a voice in the heart and said to him


You have to find a way to change this

In 2009, he established a non -profit organization


Clean The World

The mission of this public welfare organization is

“Recycling hotels abandon soap, purify, disinfection

Rewlim the processing after processing to the person you need “”

At that time, Sean, in fact, knew nothing about public welfare charity.

He even thought, this is really a big business

Maybe Bill Gates, who is committed to the world’s health career


See what they are doing

Will sign a check of one billion US dollars

CTW uses new soap made by hotel waste soap


Soap is life! Countless people hold Shawn’s hand

Said sincerely: “I want to pray for you”

Sean Shawn Seipler (right)

The 1 billion US dollar check naturally becomes a dream of dreaming

It took almost a month to prepare a charity donation plan

The applications for the Melinda Gates Foundation are relentlessly rejected

Sean, who does not know how to operate, has a lot of vice presidents

Falling until a few years without paying


Can’t make ends meet, the disappointed man on the verge of bankruptcy

Sean sold houses and cars, and even pension insurance

The university fund with the child also invested all in

People around thought he was crazy


Sean and their families in the garage of friends every day

Sit on the inverted kimchi barrel and scrape the soap with a potato peeling device

Then use the meat grinder to grind them


Cook the soap into a paste with cooking utensils

Finally, use wooden soap molds to shape into new soap

The daily output of this “earth smell” small workshop is 500 yuan

Many people don’t know what he is doing

This house is powered out every 30 minutes

Even the movement was too big to attract the police …


But Sean knows what he is doing

he knows


These soaps will save life

Fortunately, Sean’s family also knows what he is doing

One day, these soaps will appear by those who need it

Until January 12, 2010

A terrible 7.0 magnitude shock occurred outside the Capital Port of Haiti

More than 316,000 people were killed by this earthquake

Millions of people are homeless

The people who survive are facing the threat of the cholera explosion

Soap means life -saving! They are the hope of life!

Little boy kissing soap

Sean still remember that day

30,000 people gathered by themselves

Children hold soap kiss

As if it is the most precious baby

Countless people grabbed Shawn’s hand and said sincerely:

“I want to pray for you”

Columbia Broadcasting Corporation’s lens records all this

And broadcast on “CBS EveningNews”

Sean is completely hot


American Hotel and Accommodation Association

Call him

“Green Master”

Mayor Orando was amazed: This is really amazing!

Children in the disaster area surround CTW volunteers


After that, 28,000 hotels under Walter Disney World

Reach cooperation with CTW, donate waste soap

And each room offers $ 1 recovery fee

Yes, you have read it wrong

The hotel is not only willing to donate soap, but also to do it

The transportation and distribution of this caring soap

In fact, more hotels are also happy to do

Buy this idea for this resource conservation and help in poor areas

Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group, etc.

Join the CTW plan one after another

Hotels that join the recycling plan will place slogans and information cards in the room

Sean began to establish factories and recruit professionals

Each step of recycling is strictly required

Ensure that the soap after “rebirth” is hygienic and clean

Bring the soap from the hotel to the factory

First of all, we must scrape the hair fiber on the surface of the soap

Simply classify the soap and crush it into thick pieces

Suppress into exquisite “SOAP NOODLES” (soap noodles)

“Soap Noodles” after disinfection


Pressing into a chalk -shaped fine powder, mix with water

Put in the mold, it becomes a shiny and clean soap block!

Volunteers are on the surface of molding

Print the LOGO of Clean The World

In this way, soap that has been discarded


Rebirth with a fresh atmosphere!

Regenerate soap printed with CTW LOGO


Soap with a heavy breath


More than 10 million people who saved 150 countries

Now, CTW cooperates with 5,000 international hotels

Recycling soap from nearly 1 million hotel rooms every day

Free distribution

More than 45 million yuan

Save more than 10 million people from 150 countries around the world

Clean The World also extended the footprint to Asia

Asia has the poorest community in the world

In order to facilitate the delivery of soap

Hong Kong specially opened a 1,200 square foot factory

Scrub, classification recycling every month

50,000 to 60,000 pieces of soap

The total weight is 50, 60 tons

CTW and Hong Kong’s Peninsula, Intercontinental, and Jinsha Hotels have cooperation


The Venetian Hotel in Macau has provided more than 3 million pieces of soap for CTW

It is one of their biggest suppliers

With the efforts of Sean and volunteers

Children under 5 years of age are on diarrhea and pneumonia

The mortality rate drops


In addition to providing soap

CTW is still in 12 schools in Kenya

Carried out

“Soap School”


While singing while singing, local children “how to wash their hands”

After 9 months of project development

The children who were lazy in class did not want to take class

I am willing to go to school and chat with volunteers


Learn hygiene knowledge

“Soap School” has been opened to the slums answered in Kolkata

Campus of Nairobi, Tanzania and Haiti

Children have finished sanitary knowledge at school

After returning home, it becomes a “little teacher”

Teach the whole family to wash their hands, talk about hygiene

Sean is a smart businessman

But he chose to be a kind of good person

Several hovering on the edge of bankruptcy

But life, hope and love

Bring to the children who do not know each other

Share love with the world


Share love with the world without hesitation

If there is an angel in the world


It must be Sean and partners like

No one is an island


When public welfare and love are connected

What saves is a living life


May more and more “Sean” in the world appear


I also wish our children grow up healthy

There is no disease, only happiness!


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