My mother -in -law only takes 9 people for lunch in 2 hours, 8 dishes and one soup, and I have to admire



In mid -to -late July, his son was kindergarten on vacation. The father -in -law and mother -in -law came to call to think of the grandchildren. Now, let the child return to my hometown for a while! In the first half of 2021, the epidemic in many cities had not stopped. In addition, our city was far away from our hometown. We have not returned to our hometown for more than half a year. It happened that my husband had a week of annual leave this month. After discussing it, we decided to return to our hometown for a while.

A few days after returning home, I did not expect the epidemic to be serious. Zhangjiajie in Hunan, Nanjing, Yangzhou in Jiangsu, and Zhengzhou in Henan. In just a few days, these cities became high -risk areas overnight. At this time, our city is difficult to enter and exit. In order not to add trouble to the country, all we can do is to stay at home honestly.


In the days when the epidemic was at home, my mother -in -law and I changed their tricks every day to make all kinds of children’s families like to eat food. In previous years, my birthday was beside my mother. This year, I ca n’t go back because of the epidemic, so my birthday has only passed in my mother -in -law’s house. My mother -in -law usually praises very much for home -cooked food. Every relatives and friends who have eaten said yes. For my birthday mother -in -law, I tried my best to buy ingredients with my father -in -law early in the morning. Fish, elbow, shrimp, cucumber, and family and children’s favorite. Husband gave her mother -in -law in the kitchen. It took only 2 hours to make 9 people’s lunch. 8 dishes and a soup. They had to admire her mother -in -law.

【Braised Beatsia Section】


Summer braised catfish segment in my hometown is the most common dish on the table. The protein content of catfish is very high, contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, and the catfish does not have thorns. A is more than 100 times higher than beef. Eating more is very good to the eyes. It also contains rich lecithin. It can also improve the memory of the child. The taste is fresh and tender, delicious and rice.

【Cold Mixed Cucumber】


Although it is already autumn now, the weather is still a bit hot. After entering the summer, cold cucumber is an indispensable cold dish on the table. Cucumbers are crisp and refreshing, delicious and not greasy. Women eat more cucumber to help reduce weight and can achieve maintenance. The effect of the stomach, so cold cucumbers are the most common cooked dishes on our dining table.

【Stir -fried shrimp】

A child’s favorite stir -fried shrimp is fresh and fresh. It only needs simple seasonings. Simple stir -fry can be out of the pot. It saves time and is very nutritious. The calcium and protein content of shrimp are very high. It is also specially paired with rice. This time, the 3 children in the family ate the shy shrimp.

【Mei Cai Ding Meat】


The ingredients of plums are mainly pork belly, plums, garlic, star anise, raw soy sauce, ginger, salt. The practice of this dish is a bit complicated. Take a piece of pork belly and fry until golden yellow, then cut into a small piece of about 4 mm. Put garlic, ginger, star anise in the pan, add pork belly, add salt, soy sauce, put the pork belly shops, put the pork belly shop In the bowl, then put the plum vegetables on the pork belly, and finally put it in the steamer. After the pan is out of the pan, the taste is soft and rotten, fat but not greasy, and strong.

【Dry roasted fish】

This salad fish is a traditional aquatic food. The fish fish is made of fish. Usually it is a fish that grows grass, so the salad fish is not very salty. After the fish is foamed, it is tight and solid, chewed and slowly, salty fragrance is slightly spicy and appetizing vegetables.

【Little Crispy Soup】 【Stew pork ribs】


This stewed crispy meat and pork ribs are also the most common cooked dishes in our side. After the weather slowly turns cold, it will often see on the table. First, add water or add eggs to a batter, and then fry the color of golden color. Finally, add the fried crispy meat and pork ribs to the water or the bean skin, noodles, and vegetarian vegetables that you like to eat. Coriander is also very delicious.


【Powder Bar Mozon】

The noodles are also the most common dish in the north. 220 grams of sweet potato starch adds 200 grams of clear water and stir well. After 200 grams of the meat, stir -fry the low heat until slightly oil, add ginger, onion, stir -fry the flavor, add raw soy sauce, add raw soy sauce Stir -fry the old soy sauce, then add the broth, put the thirteen incense, pepper noodles, salt and chicken powder, and then put the sweet potato noodles and boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Sweet potato starch paste, stir well, pour into the container and steam for an hour, cut into small pieces after the pan, soft and tender teeth, eat it directly or dipped in garlic juice, it is very delicious!

【Big Pot Vegetable】

The most suitable for a large pot of vegetables that people eat for a long time, choose your favorite meat such as elbow, pork belly, and pair of side cabbage, kelp, lotus root, noodles, tofu, winter melon to match the fried meat, and finally join again. Bone soup is rich in ingredients, and it is very enjoyable with rice steamed buns.

Although these home -cooked dishes are very ordinary, they are not as good as the color and fragrance of the restaurant, but each dish is made by my mother -in -law sincerely. Each dish is made according to the taste of the family. Praise, adults and children have a total of 9 people. The dishes on the table are basically glory, and her mother -in -law is particularly fulfilled.

What do you think of this table? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and share your most distinctive home dishes in your hometown?


My mother -in -law only takes 9 people for lunch in 2 hours, 8 dishes and one soup, and I have to admire