How to choose a Bai Yan bracelet and understand it after reading it?


The ingredients of 天 are roughly the same as natural pearls. The color of the appearance is white and brownish yellow, while the brown band has a strong golden silk light. The overall appearance is like the pattern of the car and the ditch. It is therefore called “Golden Silk”. The raw materials of 不 are not easy, so it is extremely precious. It is no wonder that people who can have a puppet in ancient times were either in the post of senior officials or monks in Tibetan tight education.


被 In ancient my country, it was considered a treasure. The name of 东 was first seen in “The Biography of Shang Shu” by Fusheng in the Eastern Han Dynasty, which recorded a place about King Zhou Wenwang being imprisoned by King Zhou, and San Yisheng used the king of the king to exchange the king of the king to return to Wenwen Wangwen Wangwen Wangwen Wangwen Wangwen s story. Since ancient times, the beads worn on the Erpin officials of the Qing Dynasty were made of crickets. In the Tibetan Church, the monk Lama also chanted it into a rosary.




From the perspective of gemstones, minerals must have beautiful characteristics in order to be called gems, and they have beautiful pearl luster, faint and silk, and the texture is smooth and delicate. It can be said to be a very beautiful organic gemstone. Its chemical ingredients, mineral composition are similar to pearls, and their characteristics are as follows:


chemical composition

1. Chemical ingredients Calcium carbonate contains 86.65%to 92.57%, shell corners are 5.22%to 11.21%, and water is 0.69%to 0.97%. In addition, it contains trace elements and more than 10 amino acids.


2. Constructing its minerals is mainly lintel. It has a characteristic layer -like structure like pearls. The shell is smooth and bright, and it can appear in the sun.

3. The colors are two varieties of white, white and brownish yellow, but the varieties of Taiji -shaped with teeth and brownish yellow are the top grade. It is characterized by dazzling golden silk and green intestines.

4, gloss pearl luster

5. The hardness is generally 2.5 to 3, and it gradually becomes hardened with age. The variety of teeth and brown yellow can reach 4

6. Density 2.70g/cm3.



The teeth and brown yellow form the Taiji graphics with dazzling golden silk light and golden halo.


True and false identification

1. The naked eye viewing method:

As long as it is 其, its appearance must be like a pattern composed of wheels and ditches; therefore, to identify authenticity, this characteristic will become an important indicator of identification of authenticity. Furthermore, as long as it is a natural gem, it is impossible to find two exactly identical individuals in the world. We observe that if there are two beaded patterns,

The same, it is likely to be grinded into powder to suppress it.

2. Deadial test:

Break it with destructive tests, if the genuine product will have a shell section.

3. Delimination method:

Natural 都 generally has a certain proportion. In addition to observing whether the lines of 砗磲 are natural, we can try to think about its weight with your hands. If it feels very light, it may be non -natural.


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