Dong Xuan’s daughter is too rare, a white gauze skirt with a grass to make a hat, playful and cute as a little princess


Dong Xuan’s daughter Xiaoyi really became more and more beautiful, perfectly inheriting the advantages of her parents, making people want to pinch her face.


Recently, Dong Xuan took a recent photo of Xiaoyi. Under the camera, he can clearly see that the small dimple is becoming more and more like a father, and it looks very cute, long eyelashes, tall nose bridge, wearing a tall nose, wearing a body in front of the camera The white princess skirt was very happy.

This white princess skirt is also dotted with pearls. These details make this skirt look more gorgeous and make the small dimple look very fresh and cute. Under the camera, there is no restraint. The white small puff skirt with small black leather shoes is also very rich. In her opinion, there is no difference in shooting and playing.


In terms of style, the small dimple is a large yellow wave curly hair. A star hair accessory is brought on the side of the hair, which is matched with the pearls on the skirt to make the small dimple look more ladylike. And her smile always gives people a very warm feeling. How could this naive and lovely little girl dislike it?


When shooting, the small dimple was painted with light makeup, and it was particularly noticeable. The cheekbones of the small dimple are also paired with large flash films. Under the camera, the flashes are shiny, making the small dimple look more like a little fairy in the jungle. I have to say that this set of styles can really make people shine, which is also very related to her outstanding features.

Xiaoyi has an excellent face value, and it is very suitable for him anyway. For example, at the birthday party of Xiaoyo not long ago, Dong Xuan released a photo of himself and his daughter’s birthday. In front of the camera, the mother and daughter wore the same clothes, and the appearance of the costumes made people look bright. The small dimple lined with red skirts, the skin was fair, and the black yarn around the waist was decorated as a whole. It makes people feel the feelings of heroism.


,蓝色的纱裙让小酒窝看上去像是从漫画中走出来的公主,裙子上闪片的设计,别让小酒窝看上去更加高贵华丽,头上戴着彩色的发饰,衬的小The dimples are more playful and cute. I believe that many mothers are very longing for like Xiaoshuo, and hope that their daughter can be as beautiful as a small dimple.

Although the small dimple is young, her shot feels very strong, and this time the shooting gives a large feeling. In front of the camera, the small dimples are wearing a white dress, and the clothes with brown stripes are decorated on the clothes, so that this set does not look low -key, and finally paired with a pair of black Martin boots. The overall dressing is very loose and casual, and it looks bigger.

In this shooting, the small dimples are wearing a red striped shirt and a black suit with a black suit. In this comparison, she is comparable to her mother Dong Xuan’s temperament, which is just a copy of Dong Xuan. But the suit jacket is too loose, making the small dimple look like a child who stole adults’ clothes.

Dong Xuan often wore a parent -child outfit with Xiaoyo, and this time when he was traveling with his daughter Xiaoyo, the two were also wearing parent -child outfits. The two wearing the same pattern T -shirts, both the T -shirts also chose long sleeves with lace in the cuffs, paired with blue jeans, and white sneakers. Two people snuggled together, and the picture was very warm. The small dimple in the photo combed the two very cute ball heads, and the smile was very brilliant and looked particularly loving.


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