There is a portable beauty salon in my pocket: Left -point smart can jar massage experience


I like the portable capsules in “Dragon Ball”, so I also have it, so everything can be placed in my pocket. I also know that such thoughts are not marginal. However, the appearance of the left point is at least a masseur and a private beauty salon with a cooked method. As the current society where life is super fast, there are more or less pressure on the people around me. Massage and relaxation when you are tired are a good choice.

In view of the good experience of using the left -point product before, and based on the current needs, I started the left -point smart canal massage device. And I also started with some essential oils as consumables.


There are also instructions and meridians in the left -tank smart tank massage in addition to the product. It is precisely this way that this person who does not understand Chinese medicine and is the first time to contact the massage device can quickly understand and use it. Well, it is much simpler than imagined.

After taking out all the accessories in the box, you can see the massage body, and the charging cable with the C port in the accessories box is the standard bottle of essential oil. There is also a bag of filter seater in the filter port.

Use essential oil to be used in deeper moisturizing stone. The method of use is to massage the essential oil for 2-5 minutes before using the massage. Its main component is the natural extract of Ai leaf oil.

The massager looks very delicate, and the surface paint brings jade -like clear colors. The top is the setting of the operation button. I think such a massage must be comfortable and convenient when holding operations.

The exquisite appearance is unreasonable. The touch is indeed as warm as jade. When the center is turned on, the display screen is opened. The corresponding four keys are switching and functional adjustment buttons.


The key position is made of silicone and has a convex pattern settings. It can be directly identified by the touch. So we can operate a massage when we are alone. Especially when the back is not easy to view the position, we can directly use the touch to facilitate the button.

The boot effect is as follows. The functional modules that can be seen are temperature, pressure, and negative pressure. (Specific functions are later used in combination)


The other end of the side is the position of the C port, and the electric energy supply is fast and convenient. Built -in 2000mA large -capacity lithium battery, full of electricity for about 100 minutes. So we carry and use in travel is also an excellent choice.


The bottom position is a smooth and skin -friendly natural vermiculite, with 12 convex spots suspended. Using can satisfy all positions of the whole body for massage, and there is no dead ends in push scraping.

Regarding the natural vermiculite “Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: vermiculite, cure with stone, vermiculite scraping has a certain effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The vermiculite has a special functional magnetic field, which can be activated during the process of use.


There is a silicone position at the bottom with a pore on the surface and can be removed. This is the pores that are adjusted by pressure and negative pressure gears. The configuration of the sponge filter layer can bring dust -proof effects on the equipment in use. This increases the service life of the device.


After the simple details of the massage device, start to enjoy the pleasure of massage. Apply essential oil first. A fragrance came from the lid. The fragrance is not strong, and it is very recognizable and feels elegant and quiet. This is also unique to high -quality essential oils.


Try to turn on, in negative pressure. You can make fine 9 -gear adjustment according to the needs, you can quickly get out and reduce the pain.


In terms of temperature, it is also a 9-transmission heat gear. The temperature can be adjusted between 30 ° C-50 ° C. When using it, it can be heated by the vermiculite, and the warmth of scraping is more comfortable.

The adsorption effect of the negative pressure state is very good, which can be quickly out. And this is the effect of the use of high -quality vacuum crushing air pump in the interior.


In order to use the head, neck, back, chest, abdomen, and limb. The process of walking is easy. The heat brought by the heated vermiculite is deepened, it feels relaxed.

Different positions can be referred to the following figure in the operation. I won’t talk about it.


Fine 9 blocking force, I explain in terms of efficacy:

1-3 gear, low-end suction, relax muscle skin

4-6 gear, medium and large suction, stretching muscles and lymph

7-9 gear, strong suction force, deep massage decompression

Compared with the traditional starting, this massage tank is very easy. The one -button press key is pressed lightly, describing the comfortable pull -up massage, and at the same time, it is easy to lift when scraping the can, avoiding the pain and discomfort when the traditional starting can pull.


After using this massage tank, you can see the color of the skin surface more rosy (this also has the effect of essential oil), because it promotes metabolism in use. The effect of suction and outbound in the central position is also very obvious. However, the whole process is relaxed and there will be no discomfort of hotness and pain.

At the same time, as a foreign man who massaged a Chinese medicine massage, I completed the above massage care very easily. It can be said that the left point has brought me convenient massage and relaxation.

After many use, I like this portable massage. It does not need a professional and complex operating method like a traditional scraping can, so that everyone is a professional masseur. At the same time, it brings comfortable effects in use. Relieve fatigue in work and life. In summary, this is a good product worth trying. recommend.