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In people’s universal impression, Swaqi is usually the kind of quartz watch of hundreds of dollars, even more than 1,000 yuan, even if it is high -end.


With the launch of Flymagic watches selling for tens of thousands of yuan, Swok’s price refreshed my cognition.


Material movement move

Why does this Swaqi sell so expensive? Who gives it courage? Of course, it is not Liang Jingru, but a new technology.

Most of Swaqi uses quartz movements, plastic cases with resin mirrors, which seems to be Swok’s “standard appearance”.

Using Nivachron Travele, the Flymagic Watch with a power stored for 90 hours

Flymagic first performed a “big blood change” in the material. The case is replaced with stainless steel or stainless steel plating PVD, and the mirror is upgraded to sapphire, and everything is aligned with mid -to -high -end watches.

Next, in the “heart”, the quartz movement was directly replaced with a Flymagic automatic movement movement with a power storage of 90 hours. This movement is an upgraded version of the Sistem51 movement. The watch “canceled” the dial, and the movement was cut out, so you can enjoy the movement from the front of the watch. Tuo Tuo is also on the front, bringing unique visual effects.

Plague is located on the front of the watch


The movement is the first to adopt a new nivachron. This is a traveler made of titanium -based alloy materials, which is jointly developed by Swaqi Group and Audemars Piguet. Nivachron’s scarf has a smooth magnetism, can effectively prevent magnetic anti -magnetic, and has good shockproofing, which is also helpful for giving away.

The Flymagic watch launched three models, with 500 sections per type. All models are equipped with three straps -one rubber strap and two leather straps. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can sell tens of thousands of yuan.

This watch is a microcosm of the strong R & D strength of the Swaqi Group. All mechanical watches in the group have anti -magnetic characteristics in the future. They are equipped with silicon traces or Nivachron Travels. In addition to extending the warranty period, they will also greatly improve the competitiveness of products.

Compared with the Clocks and luxury goods, and Lu Weixuan Group, which is mainly luxury, the Luxiexing Group, is a professional “vertical” watch group. It has deeply cultivated the watch field. Different positioning such as high -end and low -end. To a certain extent, the performance of the Swaqi Group can directly reflect the rise and fall of the clock industry.

Important number

So, in the past 2018, what is the performance of the Swaqi Group?

Let’s look at a few groups of numbers first. In 2018, Swaqi Group applied for


New patent, created


Multiple new jobs. Group’s net sales reached

8.475 billion billion

Swiss franc


Essence Operating profit and net profit have also improved. Operating profit has increased year -on -year



11.54 billion billion

Swiss franc, net profit has increased



867 million million

Swiss franc.

The net sales, net profit and operating profit of the Swaqi Group have improved

From these numbers, we can see that the watch industry has continued to recover since 2017.

However, even a large group like Swaqi sometimes encounters the problem of insufficient production capacity. In 2018, due to the insufficient production capacity of the production case, dial, and pointer, the phenomenon of Omega and Langqin generated a large number of delayed delivery.

50 钛 series titanium alloy watch

Despite the impact of insufficient production capacity, some watch brands still perform very well, especially Blancpain, Omega and Longines. The performance of low -priced brands is also good. Blancpain’s sales in 2018 can be summarized with “creative records”. As a Blancpain’s “explosive model”, the market performance of the 50 -噚 series is very eye -catching.

Regional business

Asia is a “big cake” of the Swaqi Group. Regardless of the wholesale business or retail business, Asia has once again achieved significant growth. However, in the last three months of 2018, the Asian market’s demand for clocks has declined, especially in the wholesale business. The performance of the North American market is also very powerful.

Tissot Casen, my series of men’s watches

Relatively speaking, the performance of the European market is not particularly optimistic, and it can be said that he is half -mixed. Specifically, the sales of Britain and Switzerland have increased, but the French market has been weak, especially at the end of the year. The increasing trend of the online platform of the low -priced watch is rapid, but according to the differences in the area.

Looking forward to 2019


The Swaqi Group is looking forward to the healthy development of the business in 2019 and resolves production capacity in the first quarter of 2019. It is believed that if the production capacity problem is solved, the financial performance of the Swaqi Group in 2019 will be better. In addition, the market share of the United States and Japan is expected to increase further in 2019.

As far as the brand is concerned, Hairwinon will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2019. Buy the “Pink Heritage” diamonds through the sky -high price, Hyere Winston maintains the leading position in the industry.

Superbord series “The Dark Noodles of the Moon” Apollo 8 watch

Langqin Cascas series v.H.P. chronograph watch

In view of the good performance of Blancpain in 2018, Blancpain is expected to continue to maintain a significant growth in 2019. Omega celebrates the 50th anniversary of the month and will launch different products around this theme. In the second half of 2019, Omega will release the “Minus 1” special version of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan.

In the last quarter of 2018, due to production capacity bottlenecks, the market’s demand for Langqin Cascas V.H.P. watches cannot be fully met. Elimination of capacity bottlenecks will have a positive impact on Langqin’s development in 2019.


In 2019, Tissot will launch a smart watch T-Touch, which uses its own operating system. In January 2019, Swaqi launched Swatch Pay in Switzerland. This payment method was very successful. Swatch Pay will also be launched in other countries in 2019.


Basel’s watch exhibition is close to it, but due to the withdrawal of the Swaqi Group and some brands, the entire exhibition hall will seem a lot deserted, and some media counterparts have given up their plans for watching the exhibition. What will happen to Basel’s Basel Watch Show without a big client? Will the Swaqi Group always “absence” Basel’s exhibition? Please pay attention to the follow -up report of the watch world.