Guo Biting is so beautiful! V -neck black dress is calm and elegant, and there are more and more “wide Taofan”


Guo Biting really can wear it! The curly hair style is mature and elegant with a black dress, sweet and gentle. We should not always stick to our own style of dress. You can learn how to dress yourself up and find some inspiration from it. Proper changes may be very different. Just like Guo Biting chose a loose black dress this time, combined with the curly hair shape, it is completely different from the past. Guo Biting’s ability to control clothing is really very strong. No matter what type of clothes wear on his body, you can interpret a different beauty. A set of clothing like this, there is no lack of trendy in looseness and comfort.


Guo Biting is so beautiful! V -neck black dress is calm and elegant, and there are more and more “wide Taifan”. The black dress has white pattern embellishment on it. Although pure black is more mysterious and thin, if you choose a long and long sleeve dress with it Pure black may look too dull. So we might as well learn from Guo Biting. The fusion is not very conspicuous white embellishment, making it more design. Moreover, the dress combines the design of chiffon bubble sleeves, which can not only show the skin, but also modify the lines of the arm.

This dress has a button on the chest, and Guo Biting unlocked it and created a small V -neck. The skirt of the lower body can show the lines of our legs looming. Guo Biting’s legs are very slender, and a pair of long legs can easily crush many women. The long -legged beauty with this perspective skirt can show her graceful figure.

Nude lipstick can be selected by all women, suitable for young women. Because mature women are not very good -looking, and with such a nude color lipstick, it is easy to make the makeup look very faint. Although it is nude, Guo Biting chose a moisturizing style, which can make the lips look shining and make the makeup more shiny.

The biggest highlight of the white handbag is to combine the leather with white fluff. Although these two fabrics look more violated, Guo Biting’s bags selected by Guo Biting are very harmonious. The bag made of white fluff is very comfortable in the hand. Although it is a pure white leather bag, it has a silver ring buckle design on it, making it look more textured.


Under normal circumstances, Guo Biting is matched with black long straight shapes, but this time she made us shine. Natural curls are fused in long hair, which looks playful and cute, and has a different style. Female friends can try a lot of hairstyles, so that they can find the most suitable for them and become more diverse.

The pointed short boots blended with a bright design, making these black shoes reveal a low -key luxury. The high -heeled short boots are perfect with long dress, because it can make our legs longer. Moreover, female friends put on such high heels to control long dresses. It is a piece of cake. If you think that black is dull and monotonous, you can learn from Guo Biting to integrate some bright and glittering.


The long dress combines sexy design, so that Guo Biting will not look too dull and conservative. Guo Biting is tall and tall, so there is no problem with a long dress. But if you are relatively short, it is not recommended to choose such a long dress to set off the whole person without spirit, and the length of the knee can be matched. And the tube top shape combines pure white dress, which is more feminine.

Incorporating folds into the dress, wearing a very light and comfortable feeling on the body, it can better cover the excess flesh on women. Guo Biting’s champagne dress for herself is very advanced. Pure -colored dress can set off the mud and uninteresting temperament. The lace -up embellishment of the waist bow seems to be full of girls.


Although this dress combines a loose shape, there is a tight -fitting waist design that makes Guo Biting’s figure look more curved. And the tight waist design can raise the waistline, and the legs are more slender. The fold design is blends in the dress, elegant and agile, and pink and white are spliced ​​soft and fresh.


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