Watch a blockbuster | Romantic new season fashion opening, find new poetic costumes that belong to you


Traveling through the dreamlike garden and classical elegant palace, from independent designers to old fashion houses, exquisite design details and high -end color matching brings you a visual feast like visiting the show.

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Gold and Silver Line Tister Dress, Snake Skin Handbag Metal Tistor Dress

The above are Burberry

Silver sequins dress

Printed Joe Qi Qijo skirt, metal crystal collar

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are Dolce & Gabbana

Swan -velvet gauze dress, jewelry decorative hair band, glass crystal shoes

Type silver line dress, metal bow item ring, black Marizo shoes

Sequenant crystal neck dress, golden high heels

Velvet splicing shirt, silk printed trousers, soft sheepskin high heels

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Jiehua dress, leather high heels

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Jiehua top, gray wool trousers, nude high heels

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are Stella McCartney

Checked silk long skirt, flat shoes

Denim jacket, trousers, shirts, suede shoulder bags, flat shoes

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are TOD ’s

Color -like wool sweater, contrasting long skirt, metal earrings

Contrasting color dress, metal bracelet

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are Salvatore Ferragamo

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Embroidered tulle long skirt, silk knitted socks Valentino

Light mouth flat shoes Valentino Garavani

Printing dress, satin dress, printed top, metal bracelet, suede boots

Color -like leather jacket, silk satin dress

The above are Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Black -colored dress, snake leather belt, crystal brass ear decoration, brass ring, yellow wave dot high heel

Silver leather jacket, lambskin tight corset, snake leather belt, black skirt, crystal brass ear ornament, black high heel

The above are Saint Laurent

The blue gauze jacket, black top, and white shirt are Michael Kors Collection

Black suit jackets, white shirts, suede trousers, and silk collars are all Ralph Lauren Collection

Wool sweater, checkered long skirt, malachite necklace, peacock tilee decoration, red handbag

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Jiehua dress, peacock tile

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are bottega veneta

Silk plaid dress Calvin Klein Collection

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Silk dress, velvet shoulder decoration, white belt, leggings, belt buckle, strap boots

Blue velvet dress, metal rose necklace, dark green handbag, tight pants

Printed long skirt, velvet shoulder decoration, metal rose necklace, blue handbag, strap stockings, buckle high heels

Flower velvet skirt, velvet shoulder decoration, leather belt, belt buckle, strap boots

Red Titani dress, denim waist seal, metal rose necklace, leather belt, belt buckle, tight pants, gold wire high heels

The above are Prada

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Wool round neck shirt, checkered trousers, brocade satin belt, denim shirt, handbag

Wool woolen jacket, white knitted cardigan, denim shirt, felt trousers

The above are MIU MIU

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Silk flower dress, tight pants Balenciaga

Mao woolen skirt, pearl ribbon necklace

Pink woolen cardigan, woolen skirt, nude mid -boots, bright pink leather gloves

Red woolen dress, sheepskin hat, pearl necklace

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Wool tops, mixed -color woolen skirts, wool wire blended scarves, pearl necklace

Mao woolen jacket, pearl necklace

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are chanel

Sequenant 连 dress

Flower velvet splicing shirt, velvet trousers, metal handbags

European Root Sliming Skirt

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are Giorgio Armani

Purple wool blended jacket, silk Qiao Qiqi dress

Lace tulle dress

Coral color Joe Qiro dress, black yarn scarf

The above are chloé

Sequenant -like dress

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Blue -purple sequins dress

The above are Louis Vuitton

Photography/ Erik Madigan Heck

Style/ Leith Clark

Model/ Alicia Burke, ASH FOO, Mari Halang, Leila NDABIRABE, TIANA TOLSTOI (Models 1)

Hairstyle/ Seb Bascle

Makeup/ Sharon Dowsett (CLM Hair & Make-Up)

Nail/ SABRINA GAYLE setting/ James Hatt

Syndrometer Assistant/ Charlotte Davey, Tilly Wheating

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

Text/ Sydnie Xu Yuting

看大片 | 浪漫新季时装开篇,寻找属于你的诗意新装

The above are Dolce & Gabbana

Color -like wool sweater, contrasting long skirt, metal earrings