After the college entrance examination at 17:00, it is different …


June 8th at 17:00 National college entrance examination curtain!

Others say that you can eat rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival


Xiaoshuai said that the test is not good or not to invest in Jiang to find Uncle Qu Yuan to complain

Because the exam is not good, the most shame for a while

If you can’t wear well, you shameful for a lifetime!

You take the college entrance examination as a battle of life

Looking back, it’s just a life of life


Different from everyone at the best age


I just want to be at the best age

The handsome hanging sky, Shuang Hi!

Instead of reporting such a big report on the college entrance examination, Ben Shuai might as well teach the handsome of the 9.4 million boys to take off the school uniform how to wear handsome handsomeness, and put aside the results in advance, at least allow them to have a brand new spiritual look! The goddesses of handsome can help the college entrance examination to help you handsome ~ Recommend 5 sets of items, do not hold the waves.


Goddess recommendation 1

The printing of the clothes of Thething is getting more and more interesting. There are always unexpected new designs. For example, the print on this short sleeve is actually a spider, and the terrible spiders have a weird point here ~ Take it off. High school students in school uniforms are worth trying this funny cute and cute style, and travel photos are also very photogenic!

T -shirt 9 139.00 + shorts ¥ 218.00 + shoes ¥ 398.00


Goddess recommendation 2

After finishing the tense college entrance examination, come and learn from the fashion godfather GD. Add fashion trend elements to sports style, just focus on a pair of shoes with outstanding design sense! Kappa, who is close to the people and trendy, is definitely your excellent choice ~ The powerful GD fans will be called by you in one second!

Morning exercise, night running, and climbing are all won. This is the charm of the fashion sports suit.

T -shirt 9 399.00 + pants ¥ 569.00 + shoes ¥ 599.00

Goddess recommendation 3


The first thing to end the college entrance examination home is to collect all the annoying and accumulated test papers; of course, the school uniform will not be worn again, put on the favorite T -shirt+cropped pants, and pick up a relaxed smile. (PS: Boys with lack of legs buy it with caution ~)

T -shirt. 99.00 + cropped pants ¥ 199.00 + shoes ¥ 398.00

Goddess recommendation 4

In addition, the change of clothing is also a return, right? Farewell to the school uniforms that have been imprisoned for 3 years, you who will not pick your clothes, follow the younger brother of Sanshi, yes! Wu Lei has a T -shirt with the same T -shirt, and the beautiful color is accompanied by a bright smile. For the time being, there is no score to follow, and it is very free.

T -shirt. 78.00 + trousers ¥ 178.00 + shoes ¥ 329.00


Goddess recommendation 5

The children’s shoes who graduated from the college entrance examination this year are at the European Cup. Wearing the T -shirt and shorts of Dunkelvolk chosen by the goddess for you, and then a pair of bright shoes to release your vitality ~ Meet your classmates to watch the ball with your classmates. This summer will become your precious memory.

T -shirt 8 338.00 + shorts ¥ 498.00 + shoes ¥ 358.00

Having said that, the results of the college entrance examination are important, but the more important thing is that what kind of life you choose to live. Even if some people have been admitted to a good university, they do not work hard and have been deserted. The school, but with his own diligence, can also create achievements in four years in college. It is also dressed. What kind of posture do you choose to treat clothes will show different results.

Meet handsome, ordinary people will be dazzling from then on

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