“Practical Sharing”, “Ladies/Men’s Underwear/Home Service” search breakthrough, anti -risk layout


Hello everyone, I am a Red Bull, today I will share with you a category of operation. There are many sub -categories under the category, and the specific sub -category context will say that other similar categories of businesses can also refer to it, hoping to bring some inspiration to everyone.

The category of sharing is as shown below:

Now entering August, it is during the season change, spring and autumn and autumn and winter models, and many businesses have begun to lay out in advance. A wave of inspections in July and searching and updated turtles hurt many businesses.

Here is an example of home service. Last autumn and winter models, some people really rejoiced and worried. Because of market and weather reasons, it was difficult to find a product. Especially the three -layer cotton of winter cotton was thickened. Began to increase the price overnight from other places, and the market price was one day, and the sales price on the entire platform rose all the way. Merchants with large inventory in their hands earn a lot of money, and businesses with small inventory in their hands can only control the shipping volume by continuing to increase the price.


A operation on search


The new product link operated in July, if your incremental capacity is small, the effect brings almost no, there may be dozens of to 200 search visitors. For example, many non -search operations that many merchants have been using before, and then transferring keywords later. The search visitors who can move now are far less than before.

After analyzing, there are several main reasons. One is that the recent audit has led many businesses to slow down or even stop moving forward. During this time, many businesses like to pick up the TOP list and see which links have disappeared suddenly. It is estimated that it is dark. Another reason is that if it is a small -volume increasing link, the speed of the system update search is simply a turtle speed. But the good news is that this wave of audit is about to go, and the search update is about to return to normal.


Here is a suggestion to see the link data of the peers, combining your actual situation. If your funds and resources are not enough to support you to make explosive models, then you mainly go to see the data of the small explosion of the peers, it is best to find a new operation link. In the same way, if your goal is running on the top list, then you find the data of the peers, of course, it is best to be a new operation link. But here should pay attention to an important point, for fear that you only have the strength and practical data of the small explosive model, but you can seriously hinder your normal thinking on the curve of the TOP explosion. It may be chaotic, and there will be a probability that it will flutter the street!


two. About hierarchical and store sales

Regarding the level, many businesses know that the level determines your upper limit of traffic, but it is not your lower limit, that is, if your level is higher, it may not bring a large traffic, but if you want a large traffic, the level must be high. Essence


Regarding the need to break through the level, this decision is really needed in our store. Instead of doing it, it is not hot as soon as the brain is hot. It is easy to do it at the level, but if your shop does not have a real conversion support, it will soon fall, but the disadvantages are greater than benefits. Usually, when our search visitor is close or exceeds the number of excellent search visitors at the same level, it can be simply and rude, because with the real conversion support of the store, and there is a tendency to rise, there is a confidence and stability. At this time, the profit is greater than the disadvantages.

Let ’s give a few cases in different cases:

The picture below is a search visiting trend chart of a new store. There are a few treasures inside the store, which sells for about 3,000 yuan a month, and the second level is on the top. But the search traffic rushed to the same level of excellent peers. All search visitors basically originated from a baby. This situation is special. Specialty is that the main picture of this baby’s main picture is very high. This is a point here that when your main map has a very high click rate, and the baby itself is OK, then the number of search visitors can far break through the level of traffic.

Another phenomenon of low -level levels may be limited in real time, that is, if the traffic is too much in the morning, the traffic may be less in the afternoon. Without special improvement operations in the store, the overall traffic of low -level stores will fluctuate relatively stable.

As shown in the figure below, a low -level case is rising in the morning and afternoon, but it fell yesterday in the evening. Although the overall rose, it was not much up.

The picture below is the trend chart of a searching for a mature shop, which has achieved the top 7 layers of the top floor. Many businesses are pursuing 7 floors. As long as it is normal step -by -step operation, the layout of the store link and the real conversion support, or with a small amount of manual intervention, can stabilize the 7th floor. Then it will also bring a great benefit that your search visitors are almost unlimited. As shown in the search trend chart below, the 7 -layer search visitors can achieve more than twice the number of outstanding visitors on the same level.


Recently, the growth level of new merchants has been confirmed without the case. It is said that when your merchant transaction level reaches the 8th floor, it will be great. What is the specific method? There is no exact data case. Wait for verification later. The 8th floor here should be a space for the 7th level of the store. It is recommended that the merchant can complete it according to the official task.

Three about paid promotion

Merchants who have done home service should know that in general, the unit price of the spring and summer models is low, which means that the gross profit is low. Many links may not even have 20%gross profit. The fixed expenses of gold coins, Huayan, etc. If there is a tag fee for the OEM, in this case, the paid promotion accidentally does not control it. It may really work for Ali. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of itself, decide how much to pay for the promotion, and do not follow the data of the broader market and competition without brains. At this time, you need to look at your familiarity with the market’s market and competitive products, and the layout of the store is very important.

As shown in the figure below, it is the consumption picture of the pass through the traffic in the past 12 months. The main consumption is on the autumn and winter models. The case store has entered the February-July of this year.


Entering the autumn and winter changes immediately, the customer list usually up will rise. The gross profit is relatively high, and it is more suitable for paid promotion.

Four about the layout of the store

Now a explosion is not so realistic to drive the entire store, and the ability to resist risk is too low. Maybe one day the system is notified, and it is recommended that when we are doing links How many search visitors can stabilize, don’t rush up blindly, and when you rush up, the risk is high.


As shown in the figure below, search for traffic trends. When your link searches rush to the established goals, the rest of the work is to stabilize, want to stabilize various methods, and reduce your manual intervention. Because it is not necessary to rush up, because the production ratio of upward rushing up is not very cost -effective. It is better to put energy and time resources on other new links.

Now most of the categories are engaged in store sales, especially the non -standard products that are available in large market traffic. Even if your baby loses hundreds of places, you can still get hundreds of thousands of search traffic.

In the first half of the year, many merchants were playing a lot of operations. They also wanted to make the store’s motion sales simply and violently, and take as much free traffic as possible. This idea is very good, but unfortunately, in the recent period, a lot of links were lifted away, and even the entire shop was lifted away. It’s a bit lost. So a lot of drag, can you play? Of course, you can play, but you have to pay attention to some exercise. The kind of dragging six or even more. It is recommended to be careful. The Red Bull side is occasionally+occasionally a drag of three. It can be saved, but some cannot save that risk. Of course, if you are an indifferent C shop or shop group, it can be ignored.

The following combined with the specific cases explain the layout of the store next to the store

Regarding the positioning of the store, that is, the capture of the crowd, the whole store can lay out different keywords according to the attributes of the baby, and get more search traffic as much as possible, but there is a premise that all your babies, the consumer crowd behind you, Try to start around a crowd, the buyer’s consumption level, gender and age, as similar. In addition, if you are not a particularly awesome brand, it is recommended not to operate across categories. Normally under a large category, it can be operated by multi -sub -category, but cross -category operations will be lost.

The distribution of visitors in the shop below, such feedback data is relatively healthy.

In the figure above, you can see that the buyer’s consumption level is mainly two price segments. As mentioned above, this category, the guest list in spring and summer is low, and the price of autumn and winter is high. The Red Bull here can clearly explain that a shop can cover multiple customer orders, and it does not conflict with the precise population mentioned above. A good shop can even get three price segments at the same time.

Buyers search for a keyword. A shop has up to two links to get a relatively large search traffic. Note that this is relatively large, not to say that the third link cannot get search traffic, but it is not so big.

Under this rule, we must first determine our primary words and attribute words, lay out our products around different words to avoid self -competition.


In other words, under the same keyword, you can enlarge the search traffic of 1-2 babies, and then lay out a variety of small traffic models, especially seasonal products, spring and summer models and autumn and winter models, although seasonal sexuality, although seasonal nature Different, but many attribute words are basically common or similar. When changing the season, the layout of the early in advance can effectively do traffic connection, and avoid rules restrictions. For example, the current summer traffic is declining, and autumn and winter are rising. As long as the layout is proper, the traffic will naturally transition to autumn and winter models.

As in the following two pictures, the overall visitors of the store are OK, but on the specific items, the store does not have a lot of explosive models, but there are many links in the link of around 1,000. This layout takes into account all aspects. With continuous development, the adjustment of the adjustment is very large, the operation coefficient is difficult to reduce, but the ability to resist risks has increased a lot. Others may not be able to beat you. Even if the market has fluctuated, the impact on the store will not be so great.

Well, this is here today. There are other sharing and practical operations in the back. Today, I mainly shared individual sub -category cases under the underwear category. , Look at my homepage, you can talk about me privately. You are also welcome to discuss in the comment area. The autumn model has begun, and the large traffic is coming. I hope all merchants sell!