If you want to watch movies online, it becomes more and more difficult to open source online BT free open source player


Faced with more and more online cloud broadcast software, we want to watch movies online and become more and more difficult. As a software hobby, the free open source WebTorrent online BT played by Feross Aboukhadijeh is played by foreign Feross Aboukhadijeh. After trial, the software is found to be pretty good. Since the WebTorrent has no multi -language default, it will bring you a new Chinese version of WebTorrent today.

The Chinese version of WebTorrent uses JavaScript language to develop and uses WebRTC to transmit point -to -point data. It works on the browser without other plug -ins. In an interview, he said that imagining YouTube, driven by the user, the visitors helped the website to host the content. Feross believes that companies like Netflix will benefit from WebTorrent. For the current streaming companies, the worse the more people have visited, but this is not a problem for WebTorrent.

Webtorrent desktop Chinese version function

WebTorrent is a cross -platform open source desktop streaming client developed by Node.js.

Its role and function are very concise: download while downloading the seeds and magnetic addresses.

Suitable for MAC, Windows and Linux streaming clients

WebTorrent desktop is a seed for streaming. Whether it is the video of Internet Archive, Creative Commons’ music, or librivox audio book, you can play immediately. You don’t have to wait to complete the download.

WebTorrent desktop is fast, free, non -commercial and open source.

In the browser, WebTorrent uses WebRTC (Data Channels) for P2P transmission. It can be expanded or installed without a browser plug -in. Only JavaScript.

Just add WebTorrent.min.js scripts to your page to use the BitTorrent protocol to start obtaining files through WebRTC, or by browserify (‘WebTorrent’). See the following demonstration application and code example.

In order to make BITTORRENT work on WebRTC (this is the only P2P transmission on the Internet), we have made some agreement changes. Therefore, the browser -based WebTorrent client or ** “Web -to -Equipment” ** can only be connected to other clients that support WebTorrent / WebRTC.

To plant files to the web peer, please use a client that supports WebTorrent, such as WebTorrent-Hybrid or Instant.io. We are still using WebTorrent.app, a desktop client with a familiar UI that can be connected to the web peer. We want to establish a torrent client (transmission, vuze, UTORRENT, etc.) will increase support for WebTorrent, so that they can also connect to ordinary users and network peers.

WebTorrent software characteristics

In the browser, WebTorrent uses WebRTC (data channel) for point -to -point transmission without any browser plug -in, extension or installation. Note: On the browser, WebTorrent does not support UDP/TCP point -to -point transmission.

想在线看电影就变的越来越难 优秀开源在线BT免费开源播放器

Node.js & Browser’s BT client (the same NPM package)


At the same time, download multiple torrents efficiently

Pure JavaScript (Non -native dependence)

Express files like streams

Support high -end BT client characteristics

Magnet Uri support, via UT_METADATA

Point found that through DHT, Tracker and UT_PEX

Protocol extension API, add new extension

Complete test kit (fully supports offline operation, very reliable and fast)

Download method: Pay attention to the headline number “itbang”, private message reply “105”.